Devices connected to the Internet in our homes can make life more enjoyable, but they can also provide internet service. A couple of jealousy launched a Chromecast campaign that wanted to alert people to their vulnerability. Although, they also promote PewDiePie for some reason.

While hackers known as HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r chose to target Chromecasts, the lack of technical is not part of this device. They use technology in many routers called UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), which can allow external access to devices on your network. Without real security measures, someone who does not know can get access. HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r used UPnP to display a warning message (see above) about vulnerabilities, followed by an occasional suggestion to subscribe to the PewDiePie video streamer. If you do not think the couple is easy to help, the URL in the warning is Rickroll.

The search site (currently down) included a counter that shows more than 3,000 devices downloaded with a warning. According to the site (and common sense), the best way to prevent such attacks is to disable UPnP in router settings. Similarly, last November, HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r hijacked printers to print pages advertised by PewDiePie. The device is currently in danger of downloading a T-Series based in India as the largest subscriber in the YouTube Account. Obviously, this is something that HackerGiraffe and j3ws3r are really excited about.