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Jim Parsons mourned the birthday of the birthday of Kaley Cuoco and surprisingly

It's Friday Kaley Cuoco The 33rd birthday, but she "Big Bang Theory" Costar Jim Parsons he could not wait so long to break the sudden fun he planned for her.

What started out as a very funny humorous moment of Parsons on his Instagram was focused on the classical level when he shared the next moment. One is by accident accidentally spoiling the surprise – believe me, we were all there – but quite completely completely "on" the person for a surprise.

It was such a subtle difference, but still giggling over Parson, titled a picture of a cake with the name Cuoco on it, "Done, @ kaleycuoco … shhhhh …."

With the tag "at" we can imagine that Cuoco was receiving the Instagram warning and opened the application to see what Parsons did. So subtle. So pretty.

We have completely ruined this idea, though we imagine someone who was involved in this surprise might not like Parsons tactics.

And then there's Cuoco's answer, which is certainly classical. Parsons shared a portrait of an actress holding her original IG post, simply tagging it, "Ups," with another tag for Cuoco.

Then that burning side of the post, which means that every time fans see how they nicely tease each other and agree well, they still complain that the highest CBS sitcom approaches after 12 seasons.

The series ended its 11th season as the most prestigious TV show, leaving the position of the two positions held in the last four years. It was, in fact, the first season of the show on the top of the stacks, which really makes the break of the exit to the top.

And it was Parson who, as reported, made that call, according to Fun Weekly, just as he called to break Cuoco's surprise party. Other actors showed that they were ready to move on.

And apparently there was nothing about money for them, nor how the original actor recently agreed to pay for slots so that Mayima Bialika and Melissa Rauch approached paying parity with them, as he reported Hollywood Reporter, Women joined the cast in the third season, and the following year they achieved their main status.

The good news is that we live in a time of revival, so there is nothing to say that the gang will not come back together at some point in the future. And there are still 15 episodes that come in the new year before we're happy for the good.

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