Thursday , February 25 2021

Jose Mourinho left the pitch after attacking Juventus fans while Man Utd achieved a marvelous late return

"The game was a very good game, a high level game. We performed at a high level, after we had the goal we had five minutes to wake up, but the team was in the first place to the last.

"In the beautiful Italian way I was offended by 90 minutes, and then I did not offend them, I just did something. I know millions of interests for that, but I respect Juventus, their players, their manager, their quality. I'm really proud of my boys.

"A few of our boys said in an interview at home that they were a little … Yes, I work here, we have to come and not feel inferior, everyone knows that their ambitions are different from ours, we have to go for the last second in the game, the situation is different , the boys go well with good control of the game and, of course, are strong and, of course, Cristiano can achieve that goal and pass it from the central defender, winning for us as it is against a fantastic team with an incredible team like Juventus.

"We thought we were playing two finals, and now we have one. If we win against Young Boys, if we are a math right, we qualify for a victory over Young Boys, hope to arrive in time, not late, we have an incredible escort here, thanks to the Italian police. Let's hope we arrive in time for Young Boys. "

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