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Kateina sister Pippa enjoys the Caribbean sun with her son and husband while the Duchess remains with the royal family Royal | News

She saw a happy family walking around the Caribbean island of St Barts, where James's father David owned a luxury hotel. Pippa, who had given birth to little Arthur of Michael William less than three months ago, looked relaxed and wore full leisure clothes, a white shirt with details, blue jeans and a brown bag. The couple, who married in May 2017 after ten years of love story, was in the company of James's brother and star Made In Chelsea Spencer Matthews.

While everyone was drinking a little sun, family attention was to the newborn that Pippa held in his arms.

The heart-warming image shows that Spencer is touching Pippin's shoulder and lovingly looks at the baby.

Another moment shows David's affection for Arthur, with James's dad leaning over an 11-month-old kiss on his forehead.

This is not the first time Pippa decides to spend the winter holidays on the island.

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In January 2016, she was there with her brother James Middleton, who probably lived at Matthews Resort, Eden Rock, frequently visited by A-listers such as Elton John, Brad Pitt and Leonard DiCapria for stunning 25,000 pounds per night.

The happy family did not join Pippin sister Kate, who spent her Christmas celebrations with Prince William, their children, and the royal family in Sandringham, a royal winter residence in Norfolk.

By coming to Sandringham on Christmas Eve, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are believed to have stayed there until the Boxing Day, missing the opportunity to spend a more relaxed day with Middletons, who enjoyed a festive outing at Berkshire on December 26th. .

James and Pippa were seen coming to a local pub in Berkshire, where Middleton lived, with the rest of her family, all wearing wellington boots and jeans.

Meanwhile, Kate discarded rumors of the break with Meghan Markle, who smiled at Sussex Duchess as they came to St. Mary Madgale's Church in Sandringham.

The couple also played social games together after the traditional queen's speech was broadcast on December 25th, the source said.

Insider told The Sun: "If the German and British units could put their differences on one side to play football during the First World War, it was a feeling that Kate and Meghan could follow an example for Scrabble.

"After watching the Queen's speech, social games were drawn and both women were stuck.

"Pregnant Meghan did not eat, but Kate had a glass of wine or two, and everyone was in a good mood.

They laughed together. You would not know there was any tension between them. It was wonderful day and night.

gossip The conflict between the Duchess began when Meghan and Prince Harry announced they would move to Frogmore Cottage, miles away from the Kensington Palace where Kate and William live.

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