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Kawhi Leonard has 45 best career points in Raptors' Jazz Victory

The San Diego night in Toronto began in 2019 with a product of the state of San Diego, Kawhi Leonard, who set up an epic show, and native Norman Powell of San Diego boosted Raptor's bench to help the team in the new year win 122-116 victory over Utah Jazz.

Leonard scored 19 of his 45 best points in the third quarter of men and boys, Powell threw in a few trophies and looked strong in the basket in his last good turn out of injury (14 points at 22). and Pascal Siakam has scored 28 best career, allowing Raptors to beat Jae Crowder's 30 off Utah bench, Derrick Favors went to 21, and Jazz only four times. The jazz wore elegant purple jerseys that came back to the occasional days of Stockton and Malone and like those big ones, these Utah players were extremely worried about the ball.

However, what they could not do was find Leonard's answer.

It was quite appropriate that one year after DeMar DeRozan reached the 52 best Raptors franchise points, the man he later replaced, Leonard, set up his new career. Oh, yeah, Raptorsi is reunited with San Antonio on Thursday in a game in which Leonard will not be kindly welcome.

– It's really good. People have somehow forgotten what he can do (because he missed most of the season last season because of injury), "said Siakam. "It's just fun to watch."

Maybe only if you're trying to slow it down.

"When a man (like Leonard) goes, it's hard to stop him," said jazz star Donovan Mitchell, who was shot at 7 for 23.

Unable to make a hit in recent games or get an early call, Raptors tried something else: rejecting a favored three-point blow, Toronto only tried three behind the goal through the first 18 minutes of the game. Meanwhile, Utah had 18-4 free-throw advantage and took the 53-51 lead in the break.

Then the second half started and a completely different team from Toronto came out of the tunnel. Siakam hit three consecutive arrows after Fred VanVleet opened his own, and the Raptors began to paradise at the free throw line.

Leonard scored 20 points for the 14th in a row.

Only Serge Ibaka (20 against Lakers) scored more for Raptors in the quarter of this season, and the team waved waves up to the edge of 95-85.

Raptor's chief trainer Nick Nurse predicted he would expect this game to appear.

"I think I mentioned it several times at the beginning of the year that it looks like it is moving to some areas quite easily and it would have 9-to-22 (shooting lines) at the end of the night, and I" I would think, "When will it go 16- na-22? "said Sister.

"Because it looks like the shootings that are online and simply would not go in there, it was somehow waiting for one of those nights where they all did." He was a great and special, special player, as we know. "

Utah fought hard and was actually within four points within the last minute, but after Ibaki had missed, Danny Green found himself in the attack and assured that Leonard's blow hit Siakam, leading to free throws and set-up. far.

Toronto returned to the track ahead of two difficult matches (first amper-up Spurs and DeRozan, then Giannis Antetokounmpo and Bucks in Milwaukee) after finishing in December only the game over .500. The team is in total 28-11.

Although Green said that his return to San Antonio was treated as "just another game," Leonard admitted, "It will be fun." Everyone is expecting the game (except for Greene) .These things are better only for long runs, is Leonard.

Dante Exum from Utah Jazz fell in two points against Raptors' Norman Powell during the first quarter of Toronto, Ont. on Tuesday, January 1, 2019 (JACK BOLAND / TORONTO SUN)


At a New Year's Eve, Raptors have accidentally discovered that Kyle Lowry received "Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory Back Pain Injection" at New York's Special Surgery Hospital on Friday.

Lowry obviously responds well to treatment, and Nurse coaches are still expecting to return to action in the not so distant future.

"I think so, yes," Sister said as Lowry came close.

– Again, he is now a bit in the pain management stage, and he returns to the field for some recordings. Every day we track it and see when it will be ready to go. "

Lowry missed the fourth consecutive match on Tuesday and ninth in the last 10 games.


The sister said that the Toronto attack in the last few weeks has been noticeably stopped so often because Lowry and Jonas Valanciunas were close.

Lowry not only leads the NBA in the assists, but also achieves good inside, which is of course the specialty of Valaciun. In addition, two raptors with the longest service bring something else to the table.

"They are our two best sites," Nurse said.

"I know it sounds stupid, Kyle as one of our best camsmen (because he's one of the smallest players on the pitch), but he is, they're just some tall guys, their 12 13 14 15 points will get every night, and Kyle will fight for 10 assists a night, so we miss it.

Raptors also leak lightweight cans that Valanciunas produces by getting into the offensive glass, and Nurse believes that the Ibaka looked less fresh and that Valanciunas was not able to take a lot of loads when they joined.

"When Serge has to do it all night, he's a bit harder," Nurse said.

Ibaka and Greg Monroe had difficulty saying that in early appearances in the early days they had big men Utah Rudy Gobert and Favors.

All Toronto can do until the duo returns, although it adjusts to life without them. They have no choice.

"We're going there, we're gonna iron some stuff with these other guys, and we have to figure it out without them." That's where we are, too, "said Nurse.

Dante Exum from Utah Jazz in the First Quarter in Toronto, Ont. on Tuesday, January 1, 2019. (JACK BOLAND / TORONTO SUN)

Look at the moon

Leonard finished fourth in NBA points in December, averaging 29.1, playing only James Harden, Paul George and Anthony Davis.

Leonard became only the third Raptor who averaged 28 or more points per game per month, joining Vince Carter and DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan did this in January 2017, Carter in five different occasions.

On Tuesday, Leonard scored at least 20 points in his career of 13 best games. Carter achieved at least 20 points in 23 straight in 2001.


Toronto has played the seventh time for the New Year. Toronto has beaten 9-of-11 against Utah in the past few years, heading to Toronto, completing 36-10 at home in 2018, which is the best rating the team has ever achieved in Toronto.438 in December after the registration .481 and .501 ratings in October and November, Toronto won the previous Jazz meeting 124-111 in November.

Top 5 Things We Learned RYAN WOLSTAT

Switching: Looking to kick off the strike for a while now, Toronto tried differently in the first half, taking only three attempts at three points to the middle of the second quarter and only eight (with only two effects) in the first 24 minutes. The jazz giant's entry is a difficult proposition, but he worked for raptors.

Norma Njevera: Norman Powell looked solid after returning from his long-term injuries and was the most aggressive we saw this year in this. In the first half, Powell raised eight attempts at shooting, including almost half of the three-point attempts.

Forward heavy lifting: On the back of Fred VanVleet and Danny Greena, who did not offer much insult, it was on the way to Toronto, Kawhia Leonard and Pascal Siakam, to boost and gain bins. Yes they are.

No replies: Utah has tried to slow Leonard in third, but has invested one of the most impressive performances we've seen for a while in the quarter, knocking down every opposition. Leonard has passed the perfect 7-for-7.

No other chances: Utah remained in the game largely because of the great advantage in second-placed points (18-2 in the fourth quarter and 22-3). Utah had only three trades in the first three quarters. Jae Crowder also went to his career for the top 30 points.

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