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Liberals refuse to disclose details of six-month fundraising for prophets with millions of gambling debts

The Liberal Party of Canada refuses to disclose details on fundraising held by Prophet Raj Grewal who collected hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time when Grewal fought with millions of gambling debts.

With tickets for $ 500 a person, Grewal said the event for a riding association in Brampton East Liberal attracted 1,200 people in April last year, an unusually large audience for a local fundraiser without party lights.

A potential loss of up to $ 600,000 – less costs and non-paying guests – would far exceed the $ 100,000 spending limit for a minimum 37-day election campaign.

By contrast, most of the donors gathered on the Liberal website say less than 100 guests, even when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or senior government minister spoke to the audience.

Opposition critics have highlighted this event as one of the few open questions about Grewal, and the NDP pointed out that revenue could "carry out the next election several times."

"For a government that said it would be transparent by default, it proves that this is not true," he said New Democrat Nathan Cullen.

Grewal left the Liberal Club in November after discovering he had accumulated enormous debts in order to feed the gambling problem, with sources and other media reports showing that he was investigating the RCMP. The lawyer said the money he had received from unidentified friends and family allowed him to repay those debts and did not receive any revenue from the fundraising.

It remains unclear, however, how much the event was generated in April, who donated or how the money was used.

Braeden Caley, a spokeswoman for the federal state's headquarters, has not replied to questions about money supply, although he noted that raising funds often has considerable costs and many non-paying guests.

"In all parties, routines are that well-organized local (charitable organizations) raise funds not just for the election period themselves, but also to engage their communities and build their campaigns long before the election," Caley said.

While the Liberals adopted the Fundraising Funding Initiative, which is the first among the major federal parties, it sees them announcing details of fundraising only where a government member or prime minister was present. Caley said the Liberals would not publish the names of those who bought the Brampton East Bid Collection tickets, pointing out that the guests had not been notified in advance of their names.

Although the parties must apply for all donations above $ 20 to the Canadian Elections, along with the name of the donor, the deadline for submitting the data for 2018 can not be by the end of March, and then the agency sends the information to the Internet.

Through an attorney Richard An, who was his spokesman, Grewal said the event was typical for fundraisers routinely held by horse racing associations across the country.

It is the first such gathering of Brampton Eas since the 2015 election, while most of them are riding every year, An said. The attorney remembers that $ 190,000 was collected that night – but a $ 500 donation was received before and after, the lawyer said.

And some of the guests would not pay, he said, pointing out that free invitations were issued for 26 local senior clubs.

When contacted by the National Post Office, the chairman of the local riding association, Ajitpal Wirach, refused to discuss the matter.

Much of what Cullen said he ever heard of raising any association at such an event is $ 100,000, and in rural election units like his in BC, $ 15,000 is considered a good move. Peter Kent, an ethical critic of conservatives, said that even the "big cards" his association collects brings five-figure sums.

"It seems to me to be just an eye," Cullen said, who claimed to be according to the rules on the cost of the election, riding could spend most of the money collected during the next campaign. "Smells, the whole thing smells."

Cullen said the party's restraining in connection with the event meant "the issues will only continue to come." , telling him there is no evidence that a criminal offense might have been committed.

There has never been any verification from the riding association Mr. Grewala personally

It is possible that the police will get to the bottom of what has happened with the money, but "we will not hear for a while, if ever in details," Kent predicted. Asked about Grewal, the RCMP repeatedly told the Post not to comment whether they were investigating any individual or organization.

Driving cost restrictions are partly based on campaign lengths. Brampton Eas candidates were allowed to spend over $ 200,000 in 2015 for one of the longest election periods in Canadian history, but the upper limit for a minimum 37-day campaign is only about $ 100,000.

Nonetheless, the riding association would decide how to spend the funds, said An.

"There has never been any confirmation from the Horse Association for Mr. Grewal," he said.

In a post on Facebook released on Friday evening, Grewal announced that he would not abandon the seat of a representative at Brampton East. Although announcing his resignation in November after rumors about his debts, Grewal soon said that statement was "overlooked" and would make a decision about his future in the new year. On Friday, he said he had "received treatment," and that in the last few months "there was a period of enormous personal growth".

"I'm looking forward to a refreshed, refurbished and restored job," he said. Grewal did not attend the question when the Lower House returned on Monday.

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