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Lights for the annual light festival in Calgary

Celebrations at the Home Lions Festival of Light, now at its 30th, at the Confederation Park in Calgary on Saturday, November 26, 2016. t

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It is the light for a long Festival of Light if society can not agree with the city.

President Otto Silzer of the Lions Society of Lights Society sent a letter to the Coun. Sean Chu and Mayor Naheed Nenshi announced on Friday after the 32nd annual light show at the Confederation Park closing the trade.

"I think it would be a disaster for Calgary because many people enjoy that light and it's free. Regardless of your economic status, you can come and enjoy these lights – said Silzer on Saturday.

"The whole question is access."

According to a new contract with the Golf Courses at the Confederation Park, they would have no choice but to set up a light screen after November 7 for golfers in the late season and destroy it until March 7th when the course reopened.

Silzer said both periods were unreasonable.

With uncertain winter weather conditions and the need to adjust volunteer schedules, he said he would not have enough time to produce a light show.

Early light packing may cause problems because they can not remove the frozen images in the ground.

A long-standing dispute with city staff would end a partnership that lasts more than three decades.

"In 1987, just before the Olympics, the city council approved this festival of light on the clenched hand. Since then we have been working on that particular handling, "Silzer said, adding that hundreds of volunteers and Calgary families would be disappointed with his permanent termination.

Coun. Sean Chu said he was shocked when he received the letter.

"My reaction was," What happens, disagree? "But then I thought there was always two side stories," he said.

After contacting the city administration, the councilor said the city had asked for a map of power lines and was concerned about security.

Chu said the city was also surprised by the company's decision.

– I think they pulled the trigger a bit too early. When I talked to the city, I specifically asked them specifically whether they would be canceled and they said no, "he said.

– Everything can always be solved. As you know the city wheels are slowly turning, and I have spoken many times saying that things have to go faster. However, when it comes to security, the city needs to make a shortcut? I do not think so personally. "

Silzer met the town just before the weekend and meet with them next Friday. He said it was a failure to deliver the tickets and they would give them the city when they met.

Although both organizations want to reach an agreement on holding the festival, Silzer said he would not submit their requests.

"In a way or another, they want us to solve this problem," he said, but "if he does not change, that's still not." It does not matter what they say, it's a no-go. "

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