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Man accused of murder of Vancouver's death

The second instance indictment was put to the death of 34-year-old Vancouver woman earlier this month.

Jan Poepl, 31, was arrested on Thursday in connection with the death of Nicole Porcia on November 16, who also used the surname Hasselmann.

"The IHIT detectives worked decisively on securing and collecting evidence for procurement approval, and today's outcome could not have been possible without their unremitting efforts," Cpl said. Frank Jang of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said in a statement.

"IHIT admits that this is a very difficult time for Nicole's family because they are sorry for her death and we hope to give them some answers."

Investigators say that Porciello and Poepl knew each other, and allegedly murder was considered an isolated incident.

Porciello ran to the hospital after being thrown out of the car during the Barnet Motorway accident. (CBC)

Porciello died in hospital after being thrown out of the vehicle when he collapsed on a light pillar on the Barnet highway in Burnaby, B.C. At that time, the police said her injuries were suggesting a foul.

Porciello is a student worker in special education at Templeton High School in Vancouver and left a ten-year-old son.

The school staff described it as an "extraordinary" and part of a tight family in a special classroom.

Poepl is scheduled for court appearance on Friday.

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