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Martian winds are not the cause of methane on Mars

As new areas of exploration, we learn more about methane from Mars and the real fact that it did not originate from Martian winds. Scientists also explain some of the most intriguing things that make us wonder more, what the real deal with the phenomenon is and how it started to spread.

With the last statement, we understand how this really happened. Newcastle University offers us an original statement of things as soon as they arrived in Mars. According to researchers at the University, wind destruction was considered to be the first cause of methane gas leaks on Mars. But things aren't quite like that, and they won't stay the same.

A 2003 Mars study found that methane had been created over time by two factors, biological and geological. With this discovery, many rumors have emerged on Mars about the actual source of the gas and the possible removable part.

Martian winds are not the cause of methane on Mars

Since 2003, other studies have emerged that offer us a different perspective. Some of them have given scientists the idea that methane did not expand at all in the atmosphere of Mars, eventually identifying itself in some temporary parts of the Mars region.

Back at the University of Newcastle, researchers there provide a possible chance that methane levels could come from the destruction of wind rocks, releasing the captured methane from a liquid and crack seal in the Mars area. Dr. Jon Telling, a geochemist at the University of Newcastle, said they made an extraordinary discovery by identifying a possible gas source. They used some very realistic images from orbit that gave them some answers.

Martian winds can actually carry some very high local sand levels and some possible levels of sand destruction.
Researchers have used all this data to better analyze the situation and approximate the levels of destruction in the Martian area and how significant the release of methane is. They concluded that this was not really the source. They were also unfortunately unable to discover if the factors were biological.

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