Tuesday , May 18 2021

Marvel Just Updated Loki is an Official Bio

After the release Thor and the AvengersSomething interesting has happened, it seems that people really refer to the bad guy, Loki, It was crazy! Suddenly, the devil became an unsuccessful heart attack, with more fan-gold dedicated to him than any of the other Avengers combined. This is mainly attributable to the persistent popularity of actor Tom Hiddleston, who brought a new depth to a longtime enemy.

It seemed to have brought about a shift in the dynamics with the MCU, where the character was shown to be more than Anti-Hero in his performances. Thor: The Dark World. Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: The War of InfinityNow, a new piece of lectures from the study itself may have been re-hidden from earlier appearances to fall in line with this new figure.

The Reddit user noted that Marvel has secretly updated Levi's biography on her official website to confirm the long-standing theory of fans about the invasion of characters on Earth during the 2012 event the AvengersThe theory speculated that Loki did not have full control over his actions instead of manipulating his scepter, which was Avengers: Doba Ultrona later will discover the contents of Mind Stone. The character biography now reads:

Arriving at the Sanctuary through the wormhole caused by Bifrost, Loki met the Second, the ruler of the ancient extinct race Chitauri and Thanos. By providing the rule of God's evil over the beloved kingdom of his brother Earth, Thanos asked Tesseracta in return. Survived with a nail, which acted as a mind control device, Loki could affect others. Not knowing for him, the sling also affected him, encouraging his hatred towards Brother Thor and the people of the Earth.

This is an interesting change in the character, which makes his role in the franchise much more unclear than his early days in the comic strip, where he took on a more negative role. Although the motives behind this change are known only to Marvel, it may have to do with the recent confirmation Loki a television series that will be featured on Disney's own streaming service. Having made Hiddleston's God a mislead with a more heroic character would surely be a much safer way in terms of drawing in the audience.

I hope that we will have some official confirmation in the near future.

What do you think? Do you like this change? Would you rather leave a character like a bad guy? Please let us know below!

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