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Mary-Kate and Ashley A Poem about Elizabeth Olsen

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Then this tweet reminded people that IT IS OBVIOUSLY SHE WAS ALL THE WAY. Not only that, but Mary-Kate and Ashley portrayed Elizabeth as a small child in a song / disc about her.

For those who are just learning (??) that Elizabeth Olsen is Mary-Kate and Ashley’s sister, can I present a song they released specifically for dunking Lizzie

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Then it reminded me: They also have a song about their brother, whom they literally wanted to put up for sale without parental approval. And not even for at least $ 100 or something that could buy them a pair of Razor scooters. I’m talking about 25 cents. TWENTY-FIVE MODERATE CENTS !!

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So my question is … what does it give? Why did Mary-Kate and Ashley hate their siblings so much? It is enough not only to talk to each other about how they are superior offspring – but to play music that millions will listen to, making it clear that they want their brother and sister to be fired.

Let’s look more. First, here are a few lyrics from their song about Elizabeth, called Lizzie:

“We’d rather you didn’t, okay?” FUCKED UP! Did their mom support it?

And what about these cold words:

“Turn your tiny frame over and LOSE !!!” Savagee !!

Later in the song they try to bring back their true feelings by pretending that what they are saying is “out of love”. but it’s a little too late, twins !!

And now let’s analyze “Brother for sale”. They state very clearly that they want to tie him up and leave him on the side of the road. WOW!

Once again, later in the poem, they try to make us think they were just joking or whatever with Brother Trent, but the damage is done in the first two verses.

And then it had to happen. At that point, they no longer had sisters or brothers they could write songs about, so they turned to each other in “I’m Cute”.

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These texts speak for themselves:

At this point Elizabeth dropped out, Trent was sold out to the neighbors, and now there was room only for Mary-Kate or Ashley – NOT BOTH. They went for the jugular.

No idea if it comes from Mary-Kate or Ashley, but it must hurt.

In the end it was a total STRANGER.

So, what’s the answer here? I do not know. But there was a time when nothing and no one was banned as far as their songs were concerned. No blood.

The good news is that not a single record of the disc has been released for more than two decades, so things seem to be fine now for the Olsen siblings and I’m happy about that. GOODBYE.

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