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McGregor tweets retirement announcement –

NEW YORK – Superstar UFC fighter Conor McGregor has published on social media to retreat from mixed martial arts.

McGregor's affirmed Twitter account had early Tuesday in which he stated that the former champion made a "quick announcement" in the mild and light UFC.

The note says, "Today I decided to withdraw from the sport officially known as" Mixed Martial Art. "The note wants his colleagues to go ahead and said he would" join my former partners in this venture, but retire.

The 30-year-old McGregor also announced retirement on Twitter in April 2016, saying he has decided to retire, though he has quickly overturned it because of the dispute with his promoters about how much he should be obliged to fight with Nate Diaz's delay.

Earlier this month, McGregor was arrested in South Florida for stealing a cell phone from someone who tried to shoot his photo, authorities said. McGregor is charged with robbery and crime. His attorney described this controversy as a juvenile.

McGregor, who came from Ireland, returned to the UFC last fall after a break during which he debuted boxing, which was the loss of Floyd Mayweather. He was suspended from the UFC for six months and was fined with $ 50,000 for a fight after the loss of Khabiba Nurmagomed in October.

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