Sunday , May 16 2021

Meditation will offer a small, free game every day, all year long

Illustration: Meditations

A new collection is called meditation, which will eventually contain 365 games, will celebrate the value of small games. Conducted by Vlambeer's Rama Ismail, the goal of the project was "more than 350 programmers" to create a series of meditative games that are not more than five minutes long. Each game will only be available for one day.

"Every project is different – some are very short, some are more complex," Ismail wrote meditationWeb site. "Some meditations are light and curious. Other meditations can be sad or heavy, curious or introspective, personal or playful. Each day you will be able to explore the work and thoughts of other creators. "

Some people, however, have project approach problem with creditors, given that the complete list of participants will not be published until 31 December 2019. In response, Ismail pointed out that meditation The launcher shows the authors' names next to the game every day. "The reasons for this vary," he says he said on Twitter, "But it turns out that balancing the desires, hopes and goals of 350+ incredible creative people is difficult. Some want to keep their participation a surprise. Some have already announced their dates. It is most important to approach him as a one-year performance.

Today's game is a short interactive experience rooted in introverziaji and the desire to balance the spending of time with friends and the energy conservation created by Adriel Wallick.

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