Friday , July 19 2019
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Meek Mill and Drake again on "Going Bad"

On Friday morning sun shines. After a fierce battle, where Meek Mill expounded the accusations of an abusive spirit that had harassed Drake for years, both rapists pushed their beef. Two artists did not cooperate because "R.I.C.O." switched off Dreams worth more than money. Still, they did not miss a blow. Drizzy and Meek combine for "Going Bad", a single that will be in heavy-duty radio rotation in 2019. Wheezy Producers, "Going Bad" have placed Meek and Drake in a braggadocious territory because they stunt together on their enemies.

Instrumental is gadish. Sharp piano keys blend a line between heavy percussion strings, creating a mix between a street anthem and a club hit. Drake takes control of the song, delivering the first verse, choir and short hook. Meek Mill comes in second order to clean instrumental with strong energy. Although priority is packed with bangers, "Going Bad" will be one of the most talked about singles on the project.

Free Lyrics
Do not just say you're down, you have to show me (What do you have to do?)
Return the clip back empty (empty it)
You were looking to see the boss, so they sent me, dawg (sent me, dawg)
I just broke it with 10 pieces, dawg (10 pieces, dawg)
That's nothing, I just would be friendly, dawg

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