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Meghan Markle, Prince Harry: Birkenhead

Meghan Markle today discovered that she was in the sixth month of her pregnancy and that she will receive her first baby and Prince Harry in April.

Meghan was delighted at the audience in English town of Birkenhead today when she held her baby while joining her husband Prince Harry on their first official trip.

The popular Duke and Duchess are searching for a series of engagements, and a large number of fans welcomed them, who cried and cheered when they saw the couple.

She told the public how far she was in her pregnancy – something she had not known so far. When last year the Kensington Palace announced a royal child – as the couple started their royal tour to Australia and New Zealand – it would be in the northern spring.

The couple have been seen in the public only a few times since their triumphal Pacific tour, and since the wave of negative publicity about the former actress Meghan began.

The 37-year-old girl Aritizia wore a purple Babaton dress and coat Sentaler. She was holding the bag of Gabriel Heart and still managed to pair a pair of tall red stilettos despite having a hard pregnancy.

He will also visit numerous social organizations, including Women's Wirral, an organization that supports women in vulnerable circumstances.

Meghan has been a vocalist for women's rights for a number of years since he shot for the first time in a star as an actress suits.

Prince Harry, 34, hugged his wife while they met the welcoming family.

They were last seen in the public at Christmas in Sandringham with other members of the royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are alleged to argue.

During the visit to Birkenhead, Duke and Duchess visited Hamilton Square, where they reviewed a new statue marking the 100th anniversary of the death of the English poet and soldier Wilfred Owen.

The walk with their married couple was their first tour of the Pacific and they met the public, chatted and shouted, while Meghan got flowers.

Excited fans cried "Meghan" while the royal couple uncovered the board before meeting with local veterans and members of the Old Boys Institute of Birkenhead, to which Owen belonged.

Last week, Meghan announced that she would become a patron of Smart Work, helping long-term unemployed and vulnerable women to return to work, helping in conducting interviews and mentoring and providing ready-made clothing for them.

Animal Lover Meghan will also become the patron of Mayhewa, a historic charity association that teaches animal welfare and responsible ownership of pets for young people, is working to keep homeless people and their dogs together and lead a pet shelter to take care of pets when they are their owners are in crisis,

She inherited from the Queen and the patronage of the National Theater and the Commonwealth University Association.

"The dictator is delighted to become the sponsor of national and local organizations that are part of the United Kingdom's tissue and he looks forward to working with them to bring the public's attention to their causes," said the Kensington Palace. statement.

"Her Royal Highness feels she can take advantage of her position to focus her attention on these organizations and make a distinct difference between these organizations and, broader, the sectors that each of them represents.

Meghan indicated she intended to work late in pregnancy.


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