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More mysterious signals from the deep universe have been discovered


An illustration of a radio telescope listening to FRB.

Danielle Futselaar / Break Listen

A new array of alien signals is picked up from two galaxies outside of our Milky Way.

so-called fast radiosaphyse (FRB) are one of the mysterious and unexplained cosmic phenomena that have happened recently. Several dozens of strong, transient impulses have been detected in the past 12 years, and the Russian Pushchino Radio Astronomical Observatory reported on Friday another nine.

The announcement followed a major turning point that was announced on Thursday the researchers followed the unmistakable FRB to the original galaxy first time.

Russian scientists have discovered new data in archive data from 2012 to 2018. They came from the galaxy M31 and M33, which are among the closest to our Milky Way. However, the cracking power level suggests that they come from far beyond, then, the two adjacent galaxies.

One of the M33 strain was also observed as a repeating; this would only be the third FRB ever discovered. Repeat FRB their source should also be easier to monitor.

It is still not clear what FRB generates, but the suggested causes include all, from neutrons to extraterrestrial intelligence. Each new detection should bring us closer to solving the secrets.

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