Sunday , May 16 2021

NASA is turning to a tiny, ice-filled world behind Pluto

The brochure illustrates NASA's New Horizons aircraft that faced MU69, named Ultima Thule, the Kuiper Belta facility. Set for the New Year, 2019, the New Horizon Ultima research will be the longest leak of space explorers in history.


LAUREL, MD – A small, ice-free world of billions of miles outside Pluto gets visitors for the New Year.

NASA's New Horizons will fly next to the mysterious facility called Ultima Thule (TOO-lee) at 12:33 pm on Tuesday. It will become the farthest world ever explored by humanity.

Flying takes place three and a half years after the New Horizons crossed Pluto and gave the first big planes of the dwarf planet.

This time the drama will develop 4 billion miles (6.5 billion kilometers) from Earth, so it will be 10 hours before the flight controllers in Laurel, Maryland, know if the aircraft survived a close encounter.

Leading scientist Alan Stern said on Monday that the team had been in this year's time and now "is happening!"

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