Monday , May 17 2021

Netflix reduces support for routing your videos through AirPlay

If you are using an iPhone or iPad to route Netflix to Apple TV, you may have noticed that the feature has just stopped working. This is no mistake: Netflix officially pulled out AirPlay support on iOS devices.

According to the statement given to MacRumors, AirPlay is now available on multiple devices, and Netflix can not differentiate them.

"We want to make sure our members have great experience with Netflix on any device they use," says Netflix. "With AirPlay support for third-party devices, there is no way to differentiate devices (what Apple TV is or what it is) or to confirm those experiences."

"Therefore, we have decided to terminate Netflix AirPlay support to ensure that we meet the quality standards for viewing. Members can continue to access Netflix through the built-in app on Apple TV and other devices."

Expand your AirPlay range

AirPlay really comes to TVs like Vizia, Samsunga and others, with whom Netflix obviously has problems. Support for network streaming technology is available in the Netflix for iOS app from 2013.

With Netflix that still supports the Chromecast and Netflix applications available on most devices that you would like to have AirPlay content, there are insecure solutions – but it's frustrating for those who prefer AirPlay.

Of course, this move comes after Apple announced its long-awaited pressure on television programs. So far, Netflix has refused to integrate its applications with Apple's TV platform, although it offers separate applications for all the hardware devices Apple produces.

We will have to wait and see whether customer demand is enough for Netflix to return AirPlay functionality or has disappeared forever. For now, you can no longer use AirPlay within the Netflix application.

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