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New Batman Movie Release Date June 2021

There is no longer Ben Affleck as Batman, but there is a new movie.
Photo: Warner Bros.

The next Batman movie was released on June 25, 2021. Franchise is forgiving of Ben Affleck.

As previously announced, Matt Reeves writes and directs the film, which is currently being called Batman, which will focus on the younger version of character. Deadline broke the news and, according to his report, "Affleck worked hard Batman but he knew he was not right for this version. The quest for a new dark knight is underway.

Affleck has even confirmed it on Twitter.

Also new to the DC front is that only a few weeks after Batman, the other suicide movie, called Samoubilački odred, It opens on August 6, 2021. It's a movie that is currently written by James Gunn and contemplates the direction you first read here on io9.

But wait, there more, DC also called the film DC Super Pets to open May 21, 2021. That's a lot to break.

My first move in this case is that Warner Bros claims to have claimed that the summer of 2021. I feel as a preventative move to get out in front of all the official Marvel announcements, because we are waiting for the news after patiently Avengers: Finish, I, coming out of mass success Aquaman, this is more than welcome.

Batman things are basically what we have already read. The writing was on the wall of Affleck and it has been for a few years. Even the date of the release, while it was new, today was teased early in an interview Matt Reeves did with Hollywood Reporter, where he talked about the film as a detective story with a large gallery.

Next is it Samoubilački odred, what an interesting title is when you hear it for the first time. Then you'll remember that Gunn, bought by DC with Marvel, fired out of that new idea. Allegedly, he is not obliged to film David Ayer or Birds of prey, That's why it's not about "Suicide Squad 2". There is no word yet if he has decided to direct.

Regarding DC Super Pets? Well, it was directed by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, produced by Patty Hicks, Hollywood Reporter writes. Stern was one of the writers Lego Batman movie and Wreck Ralph, while Hicks is working on animated films since Disney's Beauty and the Beast, That's why it looks likely to be an animated movie (which Collider first reported last summer), but this is not confirmed in this latest update.

Big day news for DC fans. What do you think?

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