Thursday , February 25 2021

Nidhogg 2 brings a fierce one-on-one fight against eShop switches on November 22nd

Announced developer Messhof Games from Los Angeles Nidhogg 2 will arrive at the Switch eShop later this November 22nd. The game was announced for Nintendo's new platform in March this year during the Nintendo Nintendo Direct show.

Though the original game never hit Nintendo hardware, the sequel is more similar – it requires two players to match each other with different weapons in several stages in some kind of reverser. Both players must strive to be a "celebrity victim" on the wurm at the other end of the screen. You can socialize with friends on a local and online multiplayer or oppose A.I. There are also 8 tournament players to find out who the best is.

To celebrate the release date for Switch, Messhof released a funky trailer. Please see above and let us know if you are interested in downloading it when it's released.

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