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Overview Mercedes-AMG GT 2020 (first drive)

It can take almost five years for the cover to break, but the Mercedes-AMG GT looks fresh, exciting and – yes – is as sexy as it is today at the AMG factory in Affalterbach, Germany. Long in the muzzle, short tail and looks like it is shaped solely by wind, water and passion; The AMG GT starts its second process after refreshing the mid-cycle for 2020.

We see the new LED headlights, colors, wheel designs and the latest trim; but as you would expect, most of these efforts focus on upgrading the two-seat infotainment system. The top of the center console is now dominated by a stand-alone 10.25-inch touchscreen, and a 12.3-inch digital screen is in front of the driver, replacing the old analogue group. This screen comes in three styles – Classic, Sporty and Super Sport – the latter features a large center tachometer with digital readout speeds in the lower half.

There is a new AMG Performance All-Wheel Control with small pads on each wheel that allows access to most functions – with little practice, of course. This wheel also has a rotary controller, similar to that of Porsche, under the right arm to change the driving program; a few illuminated buttons beneath the left panel can be assigned to functions such as manual mode selection, exhaust mode, ESP, etc.

The new console design has a large stylized "V" that features restyled sports exhaust mufflers, adjustable damping, ESP, drive, rear wing and more. All driving modes are now under a comprehensive AMG driving dynamics that divides them into four categories:

  • The basic equipment includes "Slippery" and "Comfort" for most normal driving;
  • Advanced is active when in sports mode, allowing for a little more stability in the stability program while tightening shock absorbers and steering, and fires more aggressiveness in transmission and gas;
  • The Pro has been awarded the Sport + mode, and here the car is set for a more lively ride with less intervention;
  • The master is matched with the Race mode that leaves the driver on their own devices.

All this sounds somewhat complicated, but in reality, on my two-stroke ride to the mat-blue Mercedes-AMG GT C from Affalterbach to the famous Hockenheim racecourse, the switch between Comforta and Sport allowed a lot of propagation for the trip that jumped from the middle alleys to an unusual autobahn.

Because, in any case, the Mercedes-AMG GT is the absolute beast that breathes the fire, the whiplash aristocrat with the heart of the muscular car. It lurks like a los love and speeds up with the unmatched power of the Saturn V missile, all thanks to the dry 4.0L tank with a dual turbo V8 that works fine with the front wheels, straight into the firefight. He drives the rear wheels through the rear derailleur Getrag with twin-speed twin couplings. Rear wheel steering is standard on GT C.

The strategic positioning of these mechanical parts within the aluminum structure gives the AMG GT a wonderful balance and agility. It is also very communicative, but it filters plenty of information to your arms and buttocks. This is a car that fits right to the steps – excellent driving position, sense of electrohydraulic steering, and unmoved engine that wraps your right leg up to large pieces is a visceral acceleration.

And the noise. No fake engine sounds in the cabin – AMG makes this V8 sound as if there is a turbo charger between exhaust and new four-way exhaust pipes.

The Canadian AMG GT line is up until 2020. Lower gear levels – the basic GT and GT S – are reduced, leaving GT C (550 hp, 502 lb-ft) and GT R (577 hp, 516 lb-ft) currently starting at $ 163,000 or $ 183,000 respectively. It seems that Canadians prefer to have super sports cars. Although there is still no price for the 2020 models coming this summer, we can certainly expect some kind of increase.

The great news of success for 2020 is the addition of a brand new Pro package that is only available on top GT GT. This pack of good things will turn your GT R into a street-legal racing machine, and probably push its 200,000-pound sticker.

That's why it is the reason for our crossroads on Hockenheimring. There are awaiting the pursuit of the GT R Prosa, several AMG driving gurus led by multiple DTM champions Bernd Schneider and rain. A lot of rain. Oh joy.

To make Pro, AMG engineers took much of what they had collected from the AMG GT3 and GT4 racing cars and fitted it into a GT R road. There was no modification to the drive assembly except for new active engine and transmission gears. The GT R never wanted the urge. No, Pro is all about increased power, better control and weight reduction.

The front carbon fiber separator, rear wing and front wing airplanes add 100kg of force at 250km / h to 65kg at the rear and 35kg at the front. The Pro also comes with a carbon fiber top and a carbon fiber override protection. Standard carbon-ceramic brakes, wrought alloys and lighter carbon seats erase even more mass than this special. In addition, the multi-adjustable spring springs on each corner provide fine tuning of Pro handling properties. Add some racing tracks inspired by the GT3 and you have a seriously scary sea dog.

Yes, the GT R Pro could look great bad on this wet day, as it is skillfully mirrored in standing water pools, but it does not give me any comfort while pushing my helmet under the roof charcoal and closing with a four-point belt. Let's follow the track and follow this fast F1 circuit – two cars behind the leading driver, who are on this session Herr Schneider.

For obvious reasons, we run Sport + and not Race mode, and on the rear panel – where speeds are relatively normal 200 km / h in this cool and humid day – can expect nothing but a spray and, let's hope, the car's front brake lights.

So, we're going to the first four-day session. Bernd tells us through the walkie-talkie, and we raise the rhythm cautiously. The key to survival here is to stay on the outside of the correct racing line in the corners – where you normally place the car, the surface is simply too smooth. And where you would normally fit the gas out of the corner and let the electronically controlled differential and the super sticky racing tires work their magic, you will soon realize that it will not work. A few side steps that squeeze into the sphincter easily leaps into a happy pedal until we are good and indeed straight and healthy. This monster will rotate your tires here in the fourth and fifth speeds.

Still, after a few more rounds, full of excitement turns into a treacherous mood while reading this exceptionally balanced but inherently brutal machine. The final runner for the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro in 2020 would be the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, while while philosophically similar – both are actually street racing cars – they are actually different as chalk and cheese.

Available in Europe (but not in Canada) is a Track Pack that adds a rolling cage, a four-point belt, and a fire extinguisher.

The AMG is not timid with the tracking time at this event. Of course, I'll take another crap. Who would have thought that the rain, the Hockenheimring and the 577 horsepower would bring such an infamous cocktail?

Adjustment, not compromise.

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