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Pascal Siakam is entertaining the whole family

Photo: Vaughn Ridley (Getty)

Six meters and funny threats on a quick pause? Check. Wide-angle three wings and can be moved anywhere? Check. Glitch-like speed and spin spin move go? Check. An extremely powerful name? Check. He dropped a 26-point bomb, eight for 10 warriors? From last night, check it out.

The defense was there. But in his third season, Raptors forward Pascal Siakam now raises the foreseen eyebrows as soon as he gets the rocks. (At the end of last decay, watching him to try to get him to drift into the same reaction, but not always for good reasons.) Siakam's drives might look ridiculous, as someone who works in the most distant area of ​​his player – the player he saw every strip, no matter how clogged, as an opportunity for his favorite movement.

Do not make a mistake: it is an incredible maneuver, one on watch all day, Cameroon thanks to his football background for all those gentle legs. A lot of defenders found themselves in the mixer even when they knew they expected it. Sometimes, Siakam gets his feet set before he goes to the canteen, but puts him in the second place after covering a huge space on the fly:

He can hit those, and considerably less likely to defame death, on an extraordinary snippet, maintaining a 67% effective percentage of field targeting. This season he saw Siakam sharpen the finals of his stupid, chaotic style: better decision making, better range (he was just a hair above the average league, three for limited attempts) and drowning free throws (healthy 78 percent). With its physical goggles and comfort in a series of roles, Siakam's ideal future is a faster type of Draymond that can do something at all on both ends. Watching him to come to that point, skills of skill, was such a joy.

Last night against the still underdog warrior, he could show how dangerous it was in any part of the offense. Do not let him run out, because if your foot race is on the basket, you will lose.

Do not leave it at slower rates of inconsistency with the rim:

And do not sleep in his craft around the edge:

Siakam is 24, so it is necessary to develop all these new layers in his game before later, but fortunately, he seems to be in full swing. If he goes on, his versatility as a third option could help Raptors build a ball of the finals, where we hope that the world will award seven games as stimulating as last night. Why could not it happen? The Raptors are 19-4, and they praise Kawhi, the endless bench and this cool guy. More importantly, they no longer have to strain from the foot of LeBron James's legs.

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