Tuesday , May 18 2021

Phillies accelerates the elimination process

Major events outside the season are swallowed by the horizon of events, but after a multi-monthly news cycle that occasionally turns hours in minutes just to stretch them in a matter of weeks, Major League Baseball can finally come to some kind of closure with two free space agents.

And Bob Nightengale of USA Today and Todd Zolecki of MLB.com said that Phillies are marking the signing of Bryce Harper after a productive Saturday in Harper's hometown of Las Vegas. The Nightengale story of USA Today goes further than the home organ, calling Philadelphia "a clear favorite" for Harper's services.

The most memorable story of Harper-Phillies's story is that it's a thorough story by White Sox-Manny Machado. Phillies and Sox are obviously the only recognizable resource teams and wanting to throw $ 200 million or more on the best free off season agents, and Nightengale's characterization of the event suggests the elimination conclusion. Citizens allegedly came to Harper and Yankees by signing D.J. LeMahieu to tackle the gap in the yard, which basically leaves one canopy for Sox and Phils.

In the meantime, White Sox has focused his attention on Machado last month, offering him a $ 200 million contract. They also traded for his sister, Yonder Alonsa, and signed his close friend Jonah Jay. Their optimism also grows, believing that if Phillies signs to Harper, they can be the only true remaining Machado warden.

After reports from Las Vegas fell to the picture, Jeff Passan filled the side of White Sox with his Machado drive:

Manny Machado sits on an eight-year Chicago White Sox bid and is still engaged in Philadelphia Phillies while pursuing Bryce Harper's search during a personal meeting in Las Vegas during the weekend.

Eight years? $ 200 million? Both seem to be a little less than what seemed necessary to get Machado, and both numbers could still be. I suppose it is commendable that White Sox avoids Baltimore / Chris Davis as a trap of bidding against himself, but it remains so strange that a significant deal for a team without natural advantages ends. Those in Sox's position have usually been boosted with bids that the stars can not refuse, so when it's only the offer Machado can take, it seems like begging before crossing the target line.

Then again, maybe $ 200 million / eight years as far as White Sox is pushed as Machado in search of other prospects or one-year contracts to launch another race on the market as a 27-year-old though the qualifying offer is not a factor (corrected).

Basically, no matter how you turn it around, this seems to be the most convenient landing place in Chicago, but it's a terrific novel. The question is whether the White Sox was one of Machado for a while and he just had to figure it out … oooorrrrr the drop Machado will be satisfied before someone more attractive and recognizable has epiphany and intrudes into it.

We hope for a happy ending, even if the way to him is tortured and awesome like, say, "Serendipity". Just as with Yonder Alon and Jon Jay, it's all good to end well. And again, if this story lasts a few weeks, maybe it's all right to end it.

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