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Playing competitions with contestants at the Eastern Conference

The Stanley Cup is special because every 16 teams have a chance to heat up for two months and win the title. Optimism manages the day. Do not you trust us? This is why every team at the Eastern Conference could wear the Ice Cup around mid-June

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Boston Bruins

They have the most complete first line – Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak on the wings between Patrice Bergeron is a unit that will hold adversary coaches and defenders at night. Marchand, a formerly agitator of the season, joined the club with 100 points with 36 goals and 64 assists this season. Pastrnak scored 38 goals and had 81 points despite missing 16 games. Bergeron scored 32 goals and finished with a high of 79 points in the NHL in 65 games but his assault was secondary to his defense game. He is perhaps the best 200-foot NHL player. With the luxury of this line, coach Bruce Cassidy will be able to dictate matchups whenever he wants.

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Carolina Hurricanes

Stormy wave No, vanquished, sometimes criticized, posthumous celebrations will not help them in the 16 victories needed to win the championship. In fact, the Hurricanes, who played for the first time since 2009, say the Surge will not happen in the downhill. But chemistry and friendships that encourage celebrations should tremendously help in the next two months. The championship is built on character and unity, and Hurricanes, who create a new culture in Raleigh, have also built during the unforgettable season.

Columbus Blue Jackets

They are all-in – The risk should be rewarded, and no one has taken any greater risks this season than the Blue Jacket. General Director Jarmo Kekalainen saw a list of unlimited free agents on two key targets, the goalkeeper Sergey Bobrovsky and forward Artemi Panarin, None of the players would sign up for a new contract, and each of them could go as an unlimited free agent on July 1st. He put out the possibility of concluding, which would mean trading at least one in two, if not both. He was not there either. Instead, Kekalainen pushed all his chips into the pot, trading forwards Matt Duchene and Ryan Dzingel, defender Adam McQuaid and goalkeeper Keith Kinkaid, It is time for the players to return that voice of confidence.

New York Islanders

Their coach won the championship last season – It is not difficult to say that Barry Trotz is the best coach this season. He is one of five who won the Cup, and the latest since last season was headed by the Washington Capitals. Trotz has built the mentality of the team, the structure above all that enabled the islanders to survive the fact that one of the two teams who qualify for the post-season without 30 goals (Golden Knights in Vegas are the others), Forward Anders Lee led the islanders with 28 goals.

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Pittsburgh Penguins

They have the best player – We apologize to those who compete in the title, but Sidney Crosby remains the best player in the NHL and, incredibly, it gets better when the game gets stronger. She won the Stanley Cup twice, Conn Smythe Trophy twice as a playoff MVP and has various gold medals from other competitions proving his great pedigree. Crosby is now better rounded than he was when two years ago he won the Pingvin, for the first time entering Selke Trophy as his favorite.

Tampa Bay Lightning

They are the best team – Heck, they are one of the best teams of all time. Lightning (62-16-4) has equalized the NHL record for victory set by Detroit Red Wings before 23 seasons. Their best shooter, forward Nikita Kucherovhe had 128 points (41 goals, 87 assists) of all players born in Russia. Their goalkeeper, Andrei Vasilevskiy, should be the finalist for the Trophy Trophy and their coach, Jon Cooper, is the longest-held in the NHL. Oh yeah, they succeeded in the 7th finals of the Eastern Conference in 2018 and a much better team this season.

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Toronto Maple Leafs

They are due – It is said every season by fans of Maple Leafs, but this may be the year when Toronto finishes the 1967 drifting championships. They have seven players with at least 20 goals, including the center John Tavares, who had 47 in his first season with Maple Leafs and Patron Morgan Reilly, who talked to the Norris Trophy. Keeper Frederik Andersen has 36 wins, the third in NHL behind Vasilevski (39) and Bobrovsky (37).

Washington Capitals

They are champions until proven to be the opposite – Can the major cities become the second team to defend their title? You can bet that you can follow the Pingvin rates, who beat 2016 and repeat 2017. Why? Because they follow the same formula. Alex Ovechkin (NHL's top 51 goals) is an elite shooter, Braden Holtby The tie is a postseason doorkeeper and John Carlson (70 points) is a defensive player who interrupts the game, roles filled by Crosby, Matt Murray and Kris Letangfor Penguins. The lessons learned last year's play, especially in the first round of the Eastern Conference against the Blue Jacket when they lost the first two games before the win in the next four, will be invaluable this time.

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