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Puno Griswolda expensive – News BC

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BC Hydro warns homeowners that engage in luxurious lighting to help them significantly increase power costs.

The new Crown Utility report says cargo lighting has grown by about 40 percent by 2011, while LEDs have replaced incandescent light bulbs, but the trend for larger screens has increased load by 15 percent since then.

Popular fancy inflatable ornaments are one of the worst offenders because Hydro says they usually run day and night.

The BC Hydro report shows that nearly 60 percent of households have holiday lighting, and one of five households uses at least eight lamps.

Hydro also estimates that about one-third of the light is still in use with energy gobbled incandescents and says if the infamous holiday show in National Lampoon's Christmas holiday was a bulb, it would cost $ 4,700 in light.

The report states that the bill will drop to $ 50, if the LED lights and invites Hydro users to switch to an energy-efficient version.


Canada is one month from federal taxation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our countries, but a new survey by Angus Reid suggests that the Canadians are divided into climate change.

The report reveals that one of the three Canadians is skeptical of whether climate change is a fact caused by human activity.

The research also shows that demographic differences between Canadian on age and political ideology are the main differences in this issue.

Younger Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 seem to have a greater sense of concern in relation to older respondents in connection with the threat of climate change.

Then there is politics, and more than four out of five liberal and newbie voters believe that climate change is a fact, this number falls to only one-third of those who voted for the conservative party in 2015.

Other key findings include:

  • Half of Canadians (49%) say they have noticed significant changes in the local climate. Another 37 percent say they think they've noticed changes, but not the big ones
  • Nine out of ten Canadians say they believe global temperature is growing. This is 71 percent among past conservative voters and almost unanimously lifted among past liberals (95 percent) and new democrats (96 percent)
  • While three-quarters of Canadians say they can do something to reduce climate change globally, they are less convinced that they themselves can have an impact. Overall, six-tenths (61%) say they feel they can personally help – this feeling is highest in Quebec (80%)

Victoria thinks of larger cruises with a $ 1.9 million federal investment at the Ogden Point Cruise Terminal.

"This is the busiest invitation in the whole of Canada. In the next year there will be 265 cruise ships that will make their home next year, with more than 700,000 passengers," CTV News Marco Mendicino, Secretary of Infrastructure and Community Affairs, told CTV News.

The Great Victoria Harbor Authority will add another $ 4.9 million for the project, which will see the Pier B terminal will be extended by 55 meters to accommodate larger vessels.

"We expect an increase of $ 160 million in the local economy," Sonterra Ross told CTV Saturn's authority.

Officials hope to complete the project by March 2019.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island


TransLink explores a video showing Vancouver's bus driver reading newspapers in traffic.

Road traffic in Georgia was close to Thursday when a pedestrian recorded an incident.

"There was a void in front of him, so he lowered and drove away and started reading his newspaper," Rodney Shupe told CTV News. "It seemed to me a bit weird to have someone who is a professional bus driver with passengers on board who will decide to basically take the time to read the newspaper while it was jammed in traffic."

TransLink spokesman Chris Bryan says gridlock has delayed some buses for more than an hour.

"It's important for us to look at it more carefully and if an upset ride is involved, then we will definitely follow this operator," he told CTV.

The incident could result in a $ 368 fine and, according to the Ministry of Transport, an additional $ 175 ICBC penalty bonus.

Police say no one has been released from the law.

"Personally, as a traffic officer, I would take action on that person if possible," Cpl said. Mike Halskov from RCMP Traffic Services.

"Even though you're stopped in traffic, you still think you're driving."

with files from CTV Vancouver

Chantelle Deacon

This will be a great weekend for the local mountains, especially up at Revelstoke Mountain Resort with an opening day set for Saturday.

While staying at the Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops, all three mountains are officially open for the winter season.

"Opening the weekend is the most likely day of the year," said Kevin Manuel, director or marketing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. "There is not much snow in the valley here, but this is a different world at the top."

"Actually, at this point we may have one of the deepest snowpacks in North America."

The base sits at about 115 centimeters, with over 60 centimeters of snow in the last week.

"We have received what we will get before the opening of the day, but it actually seems that this could be the perfect scenario of sunshine and Powder Skiing."

The conditions are good enough at Sun Peaks Resort to officially open all three of its mountains to the public.

"We had very good snow during the week," said Christina Antoniak, director of marketing communications at Sun Peaks Resort. "We had a little snow almost every day."

The mountain has received nearly 30 centimeters of snow in the last seven days.

"We have projected controversy over the weekend so we can probably predict a new snow probably every day," Antoniak said.

The Alps base is currently nearly 90 centimeters deep.

"The conditions are very good for this time of year, given the slower start of the season we have seen across the province."

Check out the five sunny days of the sun this Sun peak at Sun Peaks and tear for a big cause.

A donation of $ 5 per person plus non-degradable food will put you an alpine or nordic lift ticket for that day.

All donations and incomes go to Kamloops Food Bank.

Almost a week since SilverStar Mountain Resort near Vernona opened for Alpine skiing and have seen a lot of fresh powder over the last six days.

"Friday will see the best chance for snow in SilverStar, although this weekend is an isolated course," Wesla Wong, SilverStar meteorologist, said. "The sunset is not a question, in fact until next week we will see a little dry trend.

"More snow comes right in time for the weekend with the freezing levels they co-operate."

Big White The ski resort near Kelowne is open just over a week and is expecting great driving conditions throughout the weekend.

"About half of our mountain will be open," said Michael J Ballingall, senior vice president of the Big White Ski Resort.

Most of this weekend's track will be blue and green, says Ballingall.

"We are in the early conditions, we expect more snow."

The baskets in Big White sit at about 90 inches.

"This is the glorious beginning of the year for us with this snowy base and we know that more snow is on the way."

Apex Mountain Resort near Pentictona is almost ready to open, with the opening day set for December 8th.

Continue to check Castanet weekly for snow conditions at most local mountains.

November 29, 2018 / 6:55 pm | Story:

A 4.5 degree earthquake struck about 16 kilometers southwest of Fort St. John.

Earthquakes Canada says it felt in Fort St. John, Taylor, Chetwynd and Dawson Creek.

He says there are no reports of damages.

Residents say in the social media that they were backing around 5:30 in the morning.

One Twitter user at Fort St. John says she sensed that her "entire building was shaking as the tallest floor fell."

Taylor Public Library on Twitter says the staff "felt the sound".

The winning prize winner of $ 1 million in the New 24th Lotto 649 was drawn ahead.

Mark Laforest from Cranbrook says it will be a special Christmas.

"I want to give each of my brothers and sisters an envelope with a check for $ 100,000 … they will be so shocked," he said.

Laforest said he had heard that someone in Cranbrook had won a million dollar prize as he attended the Gray Cup party. The next morning at home, he picked up the numbers on the BCLC website and checked them several times to make sure.

Laforest also plans to check several items from its list.

"Africa – this is the journey I've always dreamed of. The highest priority, however, is the family," he said. "This victory will enable me and my family to enjoy a bit more in life."

Police search for witnesses and video footage after the girl was taken to the forested area and sexually assaulted in East Vancouver on Tuesday.

14 years old with a bus to Kingsway about fifteen. and walk north to Miller Street.

Police say she caught behind her and pulled into shrubs at Brewers Park, from Commercial Street. The attacker sexually attacked the girl before moving eastward through the park.

The suspect was described as white, in the late twenties, with medium construction, short brown hair, brown eyes, and slit on his face. He wore a jacket, blue jeans and black boots.

The police are looking for dash-cam shots of anyone who might be driving in the area between 2:30 AM PD. and 6 am on November 27th.

Anyone with information should contact VPD Sex Crimes Department at 604-717-0602 or CrimeStopers at 1-800-222-8477.

Compensation was postponed after the Macro donation box the Coquitlam library.

Theft happened on November 7th.

Victor Hansen, 51, is accused of hindering library employees and the use of a sharp tool to cut the belts on the donation box. The police say they are known for similar crimes.

A warrant for a Port Coquitlam warrant was issued, under a $ 5000 indictment.

"Along with the holiday anniversary of fundraising, be aware of you when you collect money. Make sure the boxes and donation money are properly secured against the simple theft" Cpl. Michael McLaughlin said in a press release.

Significant number of pistols and suspicious illegal drugs are outside the street thanks to Surrey RCMP.

The police seized it as part of an investigation into the threatening incident.

Cpl. Elenore Sturko said the RCMP, with the help of Surrey's gang fighters, the Strike Force Target Team, and the Emergency Team, arrested a 21-year-old man from Surrey after receiving a report that allegedly pronounced threats and pointed to firearms, November 26th.

Surrey RCMP executed a search order in the Whalley neighborhood on November 29.

"As a result, investigators have found and seized a significant amount of suspicious cocaine and methamphetamine, along with six pistols, seven firearms, two silencers and more than 100 rounds of ammunition," Sturko said.

The investigation is underway, and the charges are not filed at this time.

The 21-year-old man, who is related to individuals with links to the Lower Land Clash of the Gang, is currently in custody.

"During this investigation, not only were our officers able to arrest a violent individual, but they also took six gunshots and ammunition from the streets," said Sgt. Kirk Duncan from Surrey RCMP General Investigation Unit. "Given the amount of confiscated firearms and drugs, this investigation is likely to lead to a number of accusations."

Anyone with information about this incident asked to call Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502, or to remain anonymous, contact a criminal conviction at 1-800-222-8477 or

November 29, 2018 / 2:18 pm | Story:

The city of Vancouver says it has collected $ 21 million in its first full year of vacant tax homes, and $ 17 million could still run into its treasury.

The city says in a statement it expects to realize about $ 38 million of the first year of tax that is applied to free real estate property in an attempt to ease Vancouver's one percent free-of-charge rate.

The city says there were just over 186,000 housing units reported and 2,538 were empty.

He says the deadline for the second tax year is due to expire on February 4th.

City staff will continue to monitor the impact of housing income taxation and affordability, and release says the revenue generated by the tax will be used for affordable residential initiatives in Vancouver.

The city says it raised $ 8 million in taxes last year, but was targeted specifically at affordable housing initiatives.

The Surrey battalion unit was arrested by a famous violent offender after Tuesday night stopping traffic.

Twenty-four-year-old Mathew Porter from Vancouver, a man with a known gang, was charged with 2 points for airstrikes on peace officers, 1 for motorcycle fatalities, and 1 for police stoppage failure.

A 24-year-old man with a history of violence was placed and caught in Newton Surrey.

The incident occurred only after 6:00 pm. November 27. When Surrey SGET attempted to stop the vehicle at 14400 Block 80th Avenue. The driver was first stopped before the vehicle was moved in the opposite direction and escaped from the scenes.

The police did not drive the car, but followed the nearby throttle, where they saw two people fleeing the scene.

One of the men was located and arrested in the 8300 block at 140th Street, and the other is still free.

Police also found drugs during the investigation, and other items in line with drug trafficking.

"Our task team continues to work against drug trafficking by intercepting and investigating criminals operating in our city," says Cpl. Elenore Sturko. "Simple traffic stoppage can often be the first step in a major investigation and criminal investigation."

The investigation is underway.

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