Sunday , May 16 2021

Rainbow Six Siege Exploit sends rivals to the hell of a polygon

Usually when people think of cheating in the shooter they imagine someone using the ajetbot to magically hit the opponents through the walls. Recently, Rainbow Six Siege Players have come across a much more bizarre form of exploitation, which basically sends their characters to a virtually acidic journey.

Basically, Rainbow Six Siege Players do so when the other team sees a specific place on their team's bombs, their vision becomes tedious and the textures in their game begin to fly in the wild. That's why the adversary team can not see anything. Players are designed to explain exactly how glitch works for fear of becoming unusual, but is already widespread on the internet.

As more and more people began to share misinformation images in a subordinate game, YouTube's MicrowaveGaming has released a video with a more detailed explanation of the phenomenon and showing in action (thanks Paper punch).

Microwave ovens and others called the exploitation of "The Bird Box Glitch" after the movie Sandra Bullock Netflix Bird box in which people who look at certain creatures are driven by the horror of suicide.

There are some ways to fix a problem, including entering game settings and turning off and re-activating anti-aliasing. Moving on to the side was also alleged to have been successful in some cases, but even these bypass solutions put the victims of hacking on serious damage.

Bird Box Glitch is visually interesting to watch and one of the most creative ways of cheating. It is certainly better than being caught by someone magically before you even turn around the corner. Ubisoft did not respond promptly to a comment on the cause of the bug or when the emergency repair will go live, but we hope it will not take long until more people meet.

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