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Raptors Green on Anthony Davis says, "No one feels certain of course"

Nobody panics when things go "by plan".

Raptors from Toronto had a good thing. The duo with the stars enjoyed playing each other as well as some other, the main coach who endured the test of time and won in the five year period, unlike anything the franchise had ever seen before.

President Masai Ujiri has decided that this is not enough. He wanted to be great, he wanted the championship, and replaced the star DeMar DeRozan, someone whose name became a franchise, for the superstar Kawha Leonard from San Antonio Spurs. If Mr. "I'm Toronto" can trade, everyone could.

So now, with Anthony Davis, he is trading slogans in full tilt after his New Orleans pelicans exchange and robbing rabbits in a blend landing, summer acquisition Danny Green recorded the latest episode of his podcast, Within the Green Room, that there was little influence on his new teammates.

"It's a little different to be in the other dressing room, arguing about such things, or about the guys who feel a bit disheveled, or embarrassed, or not so sure. [In] San Antonio, we did not make a lot of moves or shake things. Most men feel pretty confident that things will not happen or any big changes.

"But here, you know, I feel like that because of the whole situation in DeMar, no one is sure, we are training now, things are going well, but we do not know exactly what will happen" to the deadline for sale. We have a heart of heart for this, [make] joking about it, but at the end of the day, guys know that it's a job and know that most teams will not miss such a guy and, many times, you might be a part [could] be moved. End of the day, by February, you could be in a brand new town with a brand new team.

This is the reality of the NBA, but still one that is attracted to players who had a franchise that was proud of the continuity and chemistry during the most successful period. However, Ujiri and the rest of his office have shown that, as the feelings behind the store seem to be, bringing Larry O'Brien's trophy to Toronto remains the top priority and nothing will go in the way of that goal.

The Ringer's Kevin O Connor reported on January 29 that Raptors are expected to bid with Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks. In addition, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reports on Thursday that Pelicans 'GM Dell Demps avoided Lakers' Games of Pelinka's calls, and the Raptors moved a little further on to a possible deal before the February 7 trading deadline. Remember, the Boston Celtics are out of the box for sale because of Kyrie Irving's Rule Rose Rule contract.

Although it seems that the pelicans are not in a hurry to make a settlement and discover their best mode of action in the summer months, Toronto has suddenly put it on the forefront of these super stars, which is a big step out of the box that many have put in years.

But for those Raptor players who might feel the heat of all these trade talks, that is certainly not a plan they had in mind.

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