VICTORIA, B.C. – Parents will have to provide vaccination records for students who want to be vaccinated this September.

before Christ introduces mandatory reporting through the Decree on the Status of Vaccination.

Regulations occur when school year 2019-2020 begins.

Records on mandatory immunization are something that Health Minister Adrian Dix says will help prepare for the outbreak of the disease.

"This mandatory reporting on the status of student immunization will ensure that the public health system is prepared in the event of an outbreak of the disease. Furthermore, with the latest records, public health can reach the family with children behind their immunizations and provide the opportunity to catch them as well as discuss all the problems with their parents.

Families who have already provided vaccination history will not have to do anything when a new school year begins.

Those with incomplete or missing records will be contacted by public health on how to provide immunization information to their child if needed.

To check the immunization status or find a public health unit anywhere in the province, visit