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Red Dead Online Guide: tips and tricks for missions, multiplayer modes and survival of the open world

The Red Dead Online beta started on November 27 for players who have purchased the Ultimate Edition Red Dead Redemption 2, so that all players can access Red Dead Online by November 30th.

Red Dead Online comes with its own story and a multitude of new multiplayer modes, creating characters and ending solo or with friends. There is also a combat mode in the royale model called the Make It Count that has 32 players fighting for the first place.

We've created this guide to provide you with all the best tips and advice to get ahead of Red Dead Online and make the most of your beta period.

Red Dead Online beta guide

You can see our guide on how to get to the Red Dead Online beta here, which includes running times within the next few days and a brief synopsis of what you can expect.

Red Dead Online multiplayer modes

Red Dead Online has six multiplayer modes. So far, 32 players can participate in multiplayer modes, with the aim of increasing the number as the beta progresses.

  • Make it clear
  • In the battle rhythm with limited weapons, such as bows and throwing knifes, in the squeezing group.

  • Top
  • Players are keen on each other, with the player getting the most kills climbing on the leaderboard, but also getting higher rewards on their heads for others to earn.

  • Appoint your weapon
  • This is a free way for everyone with a set list of weapons. Some weapons that are difficult to use from others and can earn you more points.

  • Shooting in a team / Shooting
  • Good old killer. Compete for the largest number of murders before the expiration of time or, if there is a tie, compete in absent death until you win or lose.

  • races
  • There are three types of horse racing: point to point, lap and open racing.

  • Enemy Territory
  • Record around the map area and raise points to take the game.

Red Dead Online single-player and co-op mission

With multiplayer modes, there are several stories and sailboats that you can meet.

  • Jobs and activities
  • In this mode you can play solo or drive with Posse with up to seven friends. Together you can hunt and fish, set up a camp, fight with other Posses or just wander your desert to your friends.

  • XP and Ability Cards
  • All XP earns are counted according to your rank in different areas, and there are 12 categories of prizes that will allow you to expand the skills of fighting, hunting, strength, or survival. You will also assign attribute points to your starting character that you can choose depending on which style you use.

  • Honor
  • The honorable system returns to Red Dead Online. Not only will your characters act differently depending on your Honor rank, but will also affect the outcome of certain tasks whether they are heroes or untrustworthy.

  • Land Opportunities
  • These multi-party missions can be played from two to four players, and missions can change the course based on your actions within them. If your rating of honesty changes, expect the mission parameters to change accordingly.

Red Dead Online Creating Characters

You can choose to play as a male or female figure in Red Dead Online, changing their face, age and, of course, there are a number of top chests that you can choose from.

You will also choose yours features at this stage, based on the skills of fighting, hunting, power, or survival.

The order unlocks and progresses

While you play through Red Dead Online you will earn XP. This increases your position, and when you rank, more items, weapons, clothing, horse skins, and ammo become available to you.

How to Make Money

Every job will make money, but some pay better than others. Red Dead Online also uses Gold Bars as a currency, which can be purchased from an online store. Here's how much time it takes to thicken a golden bar.

A quick trip

Just like in Red Dead Redemption 2, you have the option of fast travel around Red Dead Online. This time, you're looking for posts along the road that will allow you to make a quick trip to the map for the price. You will be able to travel quickly from the beginning of the game and the ability to do so is not locked behind any mission. When you reach rank 65, you can unlock and buy your own Fast Travel post.

Red Dead Online: how to play with friends, join and invite players

You are not sure how to invite your friends to join your Pig? Let's give you a hand.

In Free Bar, press d-pad to the left to open the Free Roam menu. Select Players and you should be able to see Friends, Crew and Recent Players. Choose your friends and choose the friend you want to play with and you will see that you can invite them to join your session or if they already play, join the session.

You will also be able to see their ability to load and set up if you have them. If there is space, you can join their Posse and explore the world of Red Dead Online together.

Red Dead Online achievements and trophies

There is a bunch of successes / trophies that you can earn in Red Dead Online, the first of which you can unlock by completing an introductory mission in the game. Cinematic opening can be seen in our video below but watch out for spoilers if you have not yet access Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online: Mission Unusual

We do not know all the details about the kinds of unusual missions that will be in Red Dead Online, but there is a special one we know about.

Alarm Alert – Last Warning!

You can go to MacFarlane Ranch and meet Bonnie MacFarlane, who will offer you a search for a lost stroller. It's a nice little Easter egg for the lovers of the previous game.

Red Dead Online beta feedback and problem solving

Since Red Dead Online is still in beta, you can expect a few issues that sometimes occur. Xbox One players have had difficulty accessing Red Dead Online at launch, though Rockstar has already removed it.

The first patch for Red Dead Redemption 2 added the Red Dead Online approach, but did not change anything in the online world. Keep in mind that players can lose their character progress over the beta period.

If players encounter any bugs, ridiculous or otherwise, they are encouraged to report to Rockstar via their support page.

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