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"Red Dead Redemption 2", "World Monster Hunt" Among the Best Games of the Year – Tech News

Red Dead Redemption 2 One of the most sought after video games has ever changed the date of publishing the rival games and dominated the conversation. It's a kind of project that has sucked all the air in the room.

That does not mean that the rest of 2018 was unforgettable. Far from that, the year was one of the strongest, dominated by the upgrades and rearrangements of the old stand-bys. This is the point in the generation of consoles when they have mastered the hardware and push the limits of what they can offer. Here are the 10 best games for 2018:

First Red Dead Redemption 2: Rockstar Games did not release the game for five years, so the hyper behind this project was tangible. This chapter of the Wild West is a sign that follows the Van der Linde band and leads players to a lush vision of age. It contains characters from the original game, including John Marston, but the campaign mostly accompanies Arthur Morgan, the right-man leader.

Red Dead Redemption 2 sets a strip of graphics with Rockstar that creates a world that is incredibly realistic. The setting appears with a detailed realism screen asking for exploration. Combine it with an epic story about the faded world of the Wild West and this sequel is the most prominent game of the year.

Second The world of monster hunters: Capcom has always had problems translating the magic of his popular series from Japan into the American audience. With this entry in the series, the team finally gets the right. Developers have simplified the toughest and toughest aspects of the game so players can focus on the skillful way they can kill the huge creatures in the complex fantasy ecosystem.

Third God of war: Fans remember Kratos as a wild monster that crushed Greek gods. This change follows Ghost of Sparta in the next chapter of his life. He is the father who promotes the son of Atreus and found life in a world dominated by the Nordic gods. Santa Monica Studios tka gaming and storytelling tightly together through combat and designing levels to create an engaging campaign that is united with parenting topics.

4th Call of Duty Black Ops 2: The recent few entries in this blockbuster concession were disappointing, but Treyarch turned a series with this extension. The team essentially gave up the single-player campaign in favor of a robust set of multiplayer modes. This is emphasized by Blackout, which is a refined version of the royale format that dominated online gaming. Think about it like Fortnite with the fast and contagious game you'd expect Call for duty.

5th Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Ubisoft's first attempt to refresh his lead series was good but defective. Fortunately, this extension finally gets the formula right. Odyssey draws players to ancient Greece, where they take on the role of Kassandra or Alexios, two Spartan children with an unusual legacy. Players must solve the mystery of family history as well as save the Hellenic world through a combat system that is more refined and entertaining compared to origin.

6th Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The larger is indeed better with the latest extension of a loving combat game. With a list of 74 characters and 103 stages, this offer offers fans more than what they like. The amazing addition is the World of Light single campaign that has as deep as most roulette games. Throw in all the other ways and play online and there is a lot to make the fans video games on many concessions happy.

7th Man spider: After several years I try to make perfect Man spider the game Insomniac drags the podium with the help. The developer is a master builder of the locomotion – the process of getting from point A to point B fun – and nailing it with Spider-Man's web-slinging. The story that focuses on Peter Parker as a young adult gives gamers a new perspective on everyone's favorite webhead.

8th Chronicle Valkira 4: The cult classic 2008 strategy game finally gets a legitimate sequel. The Sega returns the moving mechanics of the battles that caused the original fun addiction while adding new elements such as timing mechanics and grenadier classes. Chronicle Valkira 4The story follows the Section E, which plays a key role in the Second European War. Inspired by the Russian front of the Second World War, this strategy based on the world of fantasy repeats some of the major issues of this conflict.

9th Pokémon: Let's go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Come on, Eevee!: With success Pokémon Go, Game Freak had to find a way to bring a new wave of fans into the main series of games. The solution was drastically updating the way players catch the pocket monsters. That change came in with the first big bundle of Nintendo Switch. The result is a game that contributes to newcomers and veterans deeper into the world of Pokémon.

10th Traveler Octopath: Music does a lot for video games. Evokes memories. Keep the player long after the game is over. With one of the best long-time soundtracks and graphic that returns to the golden age of Japanese role-play, this unusual title gives fans a big dose of nostalgia, while offering new mechanical and story tricks. – News from the San Jose Mercury News / Tribune News Service

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