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Rumors: Nintendo Direct comes on April 11, 2019

Where rumors are concerned, you should always get a ready eyebrow, but at least a few different sources now point to April 11 as the date of the next general Nintendo Direct. One of them even called Super Mario Maker 2 as the main focus.

First, there is a Twitter user @Newmarkomaro, which he said on March 24th. This is a user who says that the emphasis will be on Super Mario Maker 2, and in a tweet a week later, the user sets an even greater demand:

Another source of date April 11, Nintendo Direct, Gaming INTEL, does not claim to know anything about what's going to be in Direct. They offer only what they consider to be a credible date on April 11th. However, it should be noted there are concerns about the way Gaming INTEL receives its leaks.

The latest general Nintendo Direct was February 13, and the discovery Astral chain and remake of Legend of Zelda: Awakening the Link, it was fantastic. Anyway, if that rumor is true, we will soon receive confirmation. Stay with us!

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