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Sean Waltman discusses Dean Ambrose and Hideo Itami Abandoning WWE

In this week's episode of X-Pac 1-2-360, Sean Waltman talked about the departure of Dean Ambrose and Hideo Itami from WWE. A veteran wrestler also talked about the Royal Rumble.

See some of the most important items below:

Why WWE announced the departure of Ambrose:

You're not exploiting such a man at the exit. Do not embarrass them or humiliate them because you want them to come back. It's like a statement made by WWE. Many people say, "Oh, this must have been a work because they never come out and say such a thing," this is the second time and Dean Ambrose is not the talent you're going to "we want you a lot of luck in your future endeavors," because you want to return it at some point, use it to honor other people on the way out but within a reasonable time Dean Ambrose returned from his time in good shape and looked good The entire game was in place, every aspect was in place Or would he appear in AEW or just go out and find yourself.

Itami is seeking to issue:

I think at the time he signed up with WWE, no one had more wrestling wrongs than Kente. As far as this guy is, the penny is the best in the world. That's the kind of talk you've heard about. I just think, as he is so good at the performer, and everyone likes him, you hear nothing bad about him, behind the scenes or any other stuff. What a series of bad luck for him.

Think of Nia Jax in the male Royal Rumble:

It's got a mostly positive answer, but you know that the usual suspects hated it. I thought it was great what I liked. People were really uncomfortable about wanting to be, but still annoyed … You can not blame people for the feelings that appear when they see certain things. You want to be accepted, but that's something that will need a lot of people for you to get used to. And sometimes you know these things that can bring things about us that we do not like from our past. And how we were women. Therefore, there may be different reasons why people feel in a certain way about this.

Vs. Lesnar Balor:

He has done his role so convincingly, and sales and my affair with Brock has always been, I mean since 2002, when he first came to the main list, I was just fine this guy is "invincible", as if there must be a crack in armor. Any guy, any big monster must have a crack in the armor, right? So, that was a hole in the armor, you know the corner of the table at the table, and the way he works is so compelling and looks, is it cool, okay? The point. I mean, people pretend to be offended with me, "Oh, what a joke." … You can say like, "Oh I do not like how he does business" or "I do not like this or that," but when you do not recognize the credit where you deserved it.

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