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See photos from her Hawaii Memorial – Hollywood Life

A few days after Beth Chapman had tragically lost his life for cancer, her husband, Duane Dog Man Chapman, joined family and friends on tears at the Hawaiian beach.

Days later Beth Chapman, 51, died after a long battle with cancer, her husband, Duane "A bounty hunter" Peddler, 66, gathered with her family at Fort DeRussy Beach in Waikiki, Hawaii, to forgive. The monument, which was open to the public, consisted of the traditional Hawaiian ch song, followed by prayer and then rowing to the ocean. Duane started the praise of moving between sadness and joy, revealing to him that Beth had told her to make her a good memory.

Married people were asked to bring flowers friendly to the ocean that can be thrown into the water. – Beth had two houses – Hawaii and Colorado. "I love Hawaii," she said, so she'd be released in a real Hawaiian style, with an aloe, "Yahoo! Press Release Readmission Report, with the indication that it would be another funeral for Beth on land . "Duane Chapman also completes commemoration plans in Colorado, and details will be released soon. Those who want to post photos and videos should be tagged with #alohaoemrsdog.

The world lost Beth on June 26th. First he was diagnosed with throat cancer at the stage in September 2017, and after several months of treatment, Duane discovered that his wife's cancer had gone into remission. Unfortunately, doctors discovered that her illness was back a year later. In November 2018, Beth passed an emergency procedure after having had difficulty breathing. The operation would reveal not only that her cancer was back but spread. Beth was diagnosed with cancer at the 4th grade lunch, but despite the dreadful weather, he never lost an optimistic spirit. "Another curve on the road, but not the end of the road," Instagram wrote a photo of her hospital bed.

Duane & # 39; Pas & # 39; Chapman
Duaneu & # 39; Dog Chapman joins family and friends to remember Beth's wife after her death of throat cancer at the age of 51. Then he joined the rowing ceremony to mark his late wife in Hawaii, Oahu, on June 29, 2019.)
Duane & # 39; Pas & # 39; Chapman
Duane Pasman Chapman is surrounded by family and friends before going to the rowing ceremony in memory of his late wife, Beth, who died of throat cancer on June 26 at 51. (

After being diagnosed, Beth continued to live his life as much as possible. Although there would be bumps on the road – she and Lyssa Chapman's fugitive would clash before they would bury her ax – she remained faithful to the end. "When he had an attack, I knew nothing to do but to say," In the name of Jesus, "and keep it. And when I said," In the name of Jesus, "she said," repeat it, say it again, "said the Dog for the first time he was talking to reporters after the death of his wife. "And then she told the girls and everyone … [she] he said, "I love you." Are you fine? Do not worry. "But she never accepted it [death]".

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