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Shazam! Breaks expectations with the opening of $ 53.5 million

He must have felt like the late eighties this weekend in the treasury. Re-adaptation Pet Sematary (who felt more like a remake) and a superhero movie with more than a few nicks Large together they earned more than $ 78 million. Can I finally match the $ 172 million that these movies have made? Or it can Shazam! to get that number all alone?

King of crops: Shazam! Could be Man ant DCEU


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DC Shazam! led the box office with $ 53.45 million this weekend, plus $ 3.3 million earned in early reviews. That was more than a projection. Although it is the lowest opening in the DC Extended Universe, filming for that fact would be like giving Man ant It is a difficult time not to live up to the number Captain America or Iron Man. Shazam! is a different beast than the most often darker supply of DCEU, something that it seems to critics dig. Shazam! reached 91% on Tomatometer, only shy of 92% Wonderful woman. It's also more than two films about Christopher Nolan Batman – Batman starts and The dark knight rises – which are the universe besides the current DC crop.

Shazam! is now owned by the ninth best weekend in April; which will be dropped on April 10, when Avengers: Finish opens. Among the 10 films that had the biggest opening ever in April, a low column for the finals Fast and furious (USD 155 million) and 2010 Titanium conflict (USD 163.2 million). The two best multiples among the top 10 in April have earned Quiet location (3.74 times for the start of the weekend) and 2016 The Jungle Book (3.52). Their results at the Tomatometer were 95%. A mouth-to-mouth audience looks solid Shazam!which is good for his future. R-rated hellboy is unlikely to eat in the central audience of hit hits, and if it can keep falling by less than 45%, it should be on the right track to earn at least $ 172 million and potentially out of winnings Man ant180 million dollars.

Failed refund: Best of the enemy He is struggling to find an ally

Best of the enemy

(Photo @ STX)

Best of the enemy was opened with $ 4.5 million of 1,705 theaters, which is the seventh lowest opening of STX Entertainment for the theater. Critics have been mixed with the movie – he has 52% of Tomatometer results – and the audience did not appear in impressive numbers. STX had a better month in January with the truck Weinstein Co. Upside down, which remains one of the top five movies of the year with $ 107 million. That was the second best result (behind Poor mothers) for a studio in its almost four-year history.

The rest of the first 10 and further: Stephen King continues to draw crowds but can Sematary Match the original?

Paramount Pictures

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

The clever part of counter-programming from Paramount Pictures saw the latest movie about Stephen King Pet Sematary land second place with $ 25 million, despite less than the starry reaction of the critics. The film received brilliant criticism after the premiere at the South By Southwest film festival, but is nowhere near cool with 61% on Tomato. This is better than reviews by Mary Lambert from 1989 Pet Sematary (48% with 31 reviews), but without a word of mouth, there may be doubts that the new movie could reach $ 57.4 million, which the original film made 30 years ago. (That's about $ 117 million in today's dollars.)

It seems a bit hoped that the directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer will respond to those 25 million dollar weekend inflation rates. Among the eight horror films that are open only between $ 22 and $ 26 million Visit and 2005 Sorry Amityville managed to pass $ 57 million. (Each has actually earned $ 65.2 million.) Two more movies – 2013 Evil dead and 2015 apparition – They seem to be more in line with the public's response and dropped by 63.2% and 64.4% in the second weekend. Set next week to see in which direction Pet Sematary going.


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Meanwhile, another horror film is on the charts of all time. Jordan Peele & # 39; s Our is now ahead of 2018 Halloween after 17 days, with $ 152.3 million compared to $ 150.2 million. This is the second largest ever ever horror movie. He also won HalloweenThe third weekend ($ 13.8 to $ 10.8 million). Pet Sematary they took some viewers Our This weekend, but more people will still talk about it Our next week, as it continues its way to $ 200 million. The total international cooperation amounts to $ 216.5 million.

One movie does not go up to $ 200 million – at least not on the domestic front – is Tim Burton's Dumbo, This is the thirteenth Disney movie released in more than 3,000 cinemas to drop 60% or more on the second weekend. With $ 76 million after 10 days Dumbo after 1999 Tarzan. Lilo & Stitch, i Wild boars on Disney's charts. The international film earned an additional $ 137.5 million for a total of $ 213 million. It will take more than half a billion to break.

It is good Captain MarvelThe numbers still look great. Its domestic spending in the amount of $ 374 million is the 19th highest gross value after 31 days of release. And the $ 12.6 million that he earned this weekend is the 21st best weekend ever. It is now the 37th film that globally exceeds one billion dollars (and the seventh movie Marvel Cinematic Universe) and continues to climb on both charts. This weekend has also become the 30th film ever to be the most successful.

This time last year: Quiet location He started to run away from the record

Jonny Cournoyer / Paramount

(Photo: Jonny Cournoyer / Paramount)

Ivana Krasinski Quiet location opens at $ 50.2 million, starting with one of the biggest horror movies of all time. Universal Comedy blockers third place with $ 20.5 million and Ted Kennedy's drama Chappaquiddick is open at seventh place with $ 5.7 million. Steven Spielberg Ready Player One it was only two days far from passing $ 100 million in the country. The second week in a $ 24.6 million top 10 movie film helped a total of $ 140.86 million with an average Tomatometer rating of 60.9%. This year's top 10 earned an estimated $ 138.59 million and was 64.7% at Tomatometer.

On the lobe: hellboy Offer a darker price, Little Riffs on Large


(Photo: Eli Joshua Ade / @ Universal)

If Shazam! it was too family friendly and you can not wait Avengers: Finish, then Lionsgate's reboot hellboy with It's strange thingsDavid Harbor could satisfy your hunger for R-rated comics. Tom Hanks came in once Large, now Universal represents Regina Hall Little, a modern turnaround in every respect that emerged from the mind of the 14-year-old black-ish star Marsai Martin. Laika Animation has returned with the latest, Missing linkand Aviron publishes the adaptation of the novel of young adults, AfterThen for just one night on Wednesday, April 10, you can see Terry Gilliam The man who killed Don Kihota, a 21 year emerging film.

Full Top 10: 5-7. April

  1. Shazam! (2019) 91% – 53.45 USD (total USD 53.45 million)
  2. Pet Sematary (2019) 61% – USD 25 million (total USD 25 million)
  3. Dumbo (2019) 47% – USD 18.22 million (total USD 76.27 million)
  4. Our (2019) 94% – USD 13.81 million (USD 152.4 million in total)
  5. Captain Marvel (2019) 78% – USD 12.69 million (total 374.13 million)
  6. Best of the enemy (2019) 52% – USD 4.5 million (total USD 4.5 million)
  7. Five feet together (2019) 55%$ 3.7 million ($ 41.59 million total)
  8. unplanned (2019) 50% – USD 3.2 million (total USD 12.47 million)
  9. Wonder Park (2019) 30% – USD 2.04 million (total USD 41.98 million)
  10. How to train your dragon: hidden world (2019) 90%$ 1.99 million (total 156.69 million)

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