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SIU investigates after "interaction" between two Niagara cops leaves one in critical condition with a wound rifle

PELHAM, Ont. – The 44-year-old officer suffered serious injury on a Thursday shooting as the Ontario police chief said he had included two members of the Niagara Regional Police Service.

The Special Investigation Unit said it was "clash" between two officers, one of whom filed a rifle at noon in Pelham, Ont.

"The officer was transferred to a hospital for treatment and then taken to the airport to the Hamilton General Hospital," SIU spokeswoman Monica Hudon said.

"Understanding what happened and the relationship between the officers is part of the SIU's investigation. You can only say that ridiculing happened and the firearm was discharged and one officer was hit.

Hudon added that the agency had awarded 11 investigators, including three forensics, to the case. She said it was very early in the investigation and there were no arrests.

Invited everyone who has information – especially anyone with video proof – to contact SIU.

Regional Police Niagara, OPP and SIU attend the scene near Roland Road and Sulph Spring Drive in Pelham, Ont. on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Aaron Lynett / Canadian Press

The Niagara Regional Police announced on Thursday evening that the officer was in a stable condition. The officer has 28 years of service, and his name "is not released at this time," the force said.

"In the spirit of transparency, I asked Ontario provincial police to find out if there was any criminal offense beyond SIU's reach," said Niagara Bryan MacCulloch, a spokeswoman for the regional police chief Niagara.

"Days and weeks ahead will be hard for the NRPS family and the community we serve," said MacCulloch. "I'm looking for your support to our members and everyone involved."

Local residents reported that shooting had led to a car crash that compete on the scene in the early afternoon.

Robin Zavitz said she was driving home around 13.30. when he came to the police blockade. She said she saw a police SUV in the ditch and a number of police cars nearby.

"The cop is first in the dungeon, and there seems to be no damage," Zavitz said.

"It's scary when the cop shot in the middle of the day."

Police Officer Ontario says he is investigating an incident in which one officer is seriously hurt.

Robin Zavitz / Canadian Press / HO

Zavitz said the policeman had blocked the road at the same intersection all morning, but added that police activities did not take place until early afternoon.

Niagara Regional Police tweeted earlier Thursday that the road would be partially closed for investigation. Hudon said the investigation was related to a collision that occurred several days earlier, but he did not elaborate further.

Mike Shepherd drove home when he came around the same intersection around 11:30 in the morning. One officer was in his car, blocking the east road, said Shepherd.

"He said he was working on an accident on the road."

Something more than an hour later, he said urgent help was coming.

The provincial air ambulance service said that a patient was transported from St. Catharines, Ont, hospitals in Hamilton's traumatic center with critical injuries.

SIU is an agency automatically inviting you to investigate reports involving police where deaths, serious injuries or allegations of sexual abuse have occurred.

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