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SLU graduated as deputy head of Marx Joe's St. Louis

While one STL woman who helped engineer NASA's recent mission Mars InSight Lander got massive exposure to the virus from the virus video, the project had another connection with St. Louis.

University of St. Louis Fernando Abilleira NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory served as the deputy head of project planning and mission navigation.

In 1999 Abilliera gained a Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautics and then graduated in the same field in 2001. In 2004 he started working in the laboratory.

Originally from Madrid, Abillier met his future wife, Sarah Keaton Bonne Terre while attending a university.

On Tuesday, this office reported about Chesterfield Brooke Harper, Parkway Central and Mizzou City, who have seen several million times on social media footage.

In the snippet, Harper and colleagues from the lab are taking part in the NFL style in hand after the spacecraft has touched Mars.

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