Sunday , May 16 2021

Someone made an introduction to Borderlands cutscene with the characters Apex Legends and that's legendary

Borderlands has always been known for its unforgettable introductions. Listening to the elephant cage is not left for a horrible performance, while Lilith, Mordecai, Brick and Roland toss their stuff into a precious memory of many Borderland fans, and now Redditor McArctico gave Apex Legends an introduction to Borderlands also. The main actor in the game is displayed in their video, which you can watch right here – and you should be prepared to get serious nostalgia from listening to Ain 's No Rest for Wicked.

Borderlands' trademark introduction has made the game stand out from the very beginning with Gearbox's tongue on the cheek to introduce us to the four Vault Hunter, which quickly became a permanent theme for the entire franchise, and that's really, really works for Apex Legends. What makes him so unkind is that Apex legend Borderlands's same strong character of the characters with unforgettable personalities and toys, while Pathfinder's cheerful mood is as unforgettable as Mayina's sarcastic tendency. Apex Legends is already using its role in characters with its killer finisher, and has an introduction that throws a thorn in the back – but I do not think anyone would say it to the cinematography that shows Wraith, Gibraltar and Co, showing their combat capabilities. Especially if we get some slo-mo shenanigans. Let's hope Borderlands 3 has the same intro cutscene as its predecessors … no pressure.

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