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Studies in progress after Ont. a cop shoots a colleague

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Posted on Friday, November 30, 2018 4:16 AM EST

Last Updated on Friday, November 30, 2018 10:18 AM EST

PELHAM, Ont. "Two separate investigations are underway in the" split "between two regional police officers Niagara, who sent one of them to a rifle gun.

Ontario police chief and provincial police investigate the afternoon incident in Pelham, Ont, about 20 miles west of Niagara Falls.

The Special Investigation Unit said the two officers had investigated the previous crash when they joined the "quarrel."

Spokeswoman Monica Hudon told reporters on Thursday evening that firearms were dropped and the officer was hit.

An injured officer – a 52-year-old man with 28 years of power-experience – was taken to a local hospital, and then, in critical condition, brought the aircraft to a facility in Hamilton.

Niagara police later said in a statement that his condition was upgraded to a stable one.

"In the spirit of transparency, I asked Ontario provincial police to find out if there was any criminal offense beyond SIU's reach," said Niagara Bryan MacCulloch, a spokeswoman for the regional police chief Niagara.

"Days and weeks ahead will be hard for the NRPS family and the community we serve," said MacCulloch. "I'm looking for your support to our members and everyone involved."

The region's police service committee said in a statement it was "deeply concerned" by shooting, but could not comment further until SIU had completed the probe.

Hudon said SIU assigned 11 investigators, including three forensics, to the case. She said it was very early in the investigation and there were no arrests.

Invited everyone who has information – especially anyone with video proof – to contact SIU.

SIU is a automated agency that automatically invites you to investigate reports involving police where death, serious injury, or allegations of sexual abuse have occurred.

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