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Tesla CFO Deepak Ahu retires, replaces Zach Kirkhorn

Tesla finished his call for earnings in the fourth quarter of 2018 with a little surprise, although we heard it before: CFO Deepak Ahuja will retire. Zach Kirkhorn, who previously served as vice president of the finance company, took over in his place.

Kirkhorn was vice president of finance just two months before today's announcement. However, Ahu's current financial director said, "I feel very good about Zach taking over power. He has proved himself over the years with many of the difficult challenges he has worked on. "

Kirkhorn has a finance degree at Wharton University at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard MBA and has been in the company for decades in various financial roles.

Ahuja noted that external consultant Tesla would remain, and executive director Elon Musk noted that "he hoped it would be for years."

Electrek's Take:


But seriously, I know that shorts always imagine some conspiracy that "DEEPOK turns to the evidence of the state". I think he might just have hung up until another star appeared. Kirkhorn has had a rather savage run in Tesla over the past decade, which according to his LinkedIn has progressed quite rapidly every two years.

It sounded somewhat boring and withdrawn to the call, but in reality you do not want a creative extrovert that runs the books.

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