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Tesla Model 3 = 60% of the US electric vehicle market


Published on the day April 7, 2019 |
author Zachary Shahan

April 7, 2019 per Zachary Shahan

Looking at the pure sales of electric vehicles in the United States, there is one clear exit – Tesla Model 3 dominates.

Tesla Model 3 has received tens of thousands more consumers per quarter to run on an electric drive than it could have been in a previous electric model.

Other electric cars have their attractive features – ultimately, they also attract customers. However, Model 3 offers an incredible combination of range, features, performance and moderate costs. This will be even more credible in the second quarter, as the basic price of model 3 has fallen to a mythical $ 35,000.

It is a bit unfortunate that no other model of electric vehicles gets switched to becoming a mass vehicle market. Part of this may be because Tesla Model 3 empowers its potential buyers, but it also applies to vehicle specifications, range, prices, sales / sales models and branding. (As much as Elon Musk may not like this second term, he's a super hero brand.)

There are a few electrical models that are not included here because parent manufacturers do not report their sales – even quarterly sales – but I hear they just add sales at the bottom of that chart.

Overall, looking only at models in the table, model 3 had 60% sales, Model S 8% and Model X 7% more. However, the last two estimates, since we do not really know how S model sales compared to model X came out globally (we only have their combined number of products sold) and we do not know what part of them were in the US. These three Tesla models together make up 75% of the US electric car market if the estimates are accurate. This is a 67% increase in the first quarter of 2018.

In addition to the Tesla model, Chevy Bolt had 11% of the market, Nissan LEAF 7%, and basically there is nothing to mention.

The only positive news for non-Tesla in the first quarter was that LEAF had sales growth of 5.5%, and Volkswagen e-Golf grew by 60%.

Are there other thoughts?

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