Sunday , May 9 2021

The Canadian Broadway hit Come From Away wins the best new musical in U.K.

musicals Come away and Society as well as the play inheritance, an epic drama about gay lives in New York, were the big winners at the Olivier prize at the British Theater on Sunday, receiving four trophies.

Come away, Inspired by a small Canadian town that sheltered thousands of passengers on the plane after the September 11th attack, was proclaimed the best new musical in the British equivalent of Broadway's Tony Awards. The performance also won the trophies for sound, exceptional achievements in music and choreography.

Get out of Away and tell a story about Newfoundlanders who helped shelter and feed thousands of foreigners after the September 11th attack in New York. (Matthew Murphy)

Choreographer Kelly Devine awarded the prize in her category of people from Gandra, Nflda. who in real life, "has shown effortlessly to the world how easy it is to be kind."

The award for the best musical revival was awarded to Stephen Sondheim Society that birth replacement is the leading role of the shabby New York singleton and turned the usual male Bobby into Bobby.

Director Marianne Elliott has partly attributed the success of the show to "the wind of industry-inspired change, where the celebration of female stories is not only possible but absolutely vital."

Society also awarded the awards for supporting Broadway diva Patti LuPone and accompanying acting troupe Jonathan Bailey. She received another award for the set design.

inheritance, Drama Matthewa Lopez on young gay men who live in New York City after the AIDS crisis was proclaimed the best new game.

Kyle Soller won the Best Actress Award in The Inhitance, and Patsy Ferran won the Best Actress for Summer and Smoke at the Olivier Award Ceremony. (Ian West / PA via Associated Press)

Lopez said he was "overwhelmed and overjoyed" by the transatlantic success of his sedamatic eagle, who had the world premiere at the Young Vic Viceroy Theater in London.

"We've seen a lot of Britons who came home and took home to Tony," Lopez said in the backstage, holding the statue at the top of the bust of the late acting actress Laurence Olivier. "That's just fair."

Lopez said he hoped the Broadway show would be launched now when London showed that the show, excavated from its own experience, resonated with the audience.

"You could have me blow me off," he said about the reaction he had received from theatrical visitors to the British capital. "Even some New York joke."

Tom Hiddleston was among the actors on the red carpet. (Vianney Le Caer / Invision / Associated Press)

inheritance they also won awards for lighting and for Stephen Daldry's direction while star Kyle Soller won rivals that included Ian McKellen to be the best actor in the show.

Sally Field, Kelsey Grammer, Tom Hiddleston, David Suchet, and Gloria Estefan were among the stars who were strolling through the red carpet in the rain before the ceremony at Royal Albert Hall.

The show has saluted a longtime musical Lion King and Dear motherBoth celebrate 20 years of playing in London's West End.

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