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The Gastown Gourmet Restaurant says the incident with the rat is not compiled & # 39;

CTV Vancouver

Posted Tuesday, January 1, 2019 18:50 PST

Updated Tuesday, January 1 2019 18:56 PST

A restaurant owner at the Gastown restaurant, located in social media posts allegedly showing that the ripper was taken out of the bowl of garbage, says he does not believe the event happened as it was shown.

Ashton Phillips says Crab Park Chowdery and his staff carried out a full investigation – including testing rodent baiting in a bug, as well as the possibility of planting a rodent into a bowl of bread – and came to the conclusion that the rat could not be in their kitchen or as a result of staff action.

"We've been researching, investigating, and we just do not see how this is possible," he said.

Phillips says the muted reaction of the girl in the video also seemed to the suspicious staff.

As a result of this incident, Vancouver Coastal Health closed the off-off kitchen of Crab Park Chowdery, which he used to prepare food. The restaurant was also thrown out of the commercial kitchen she used to cook soup.

But Phillips says he believes the restaurant is made to be a victim of a commercial owner's kitchen space.

"They made us to be bad guys and it's unfortunately how they decided to go with him," he said.

The kitchen is owned by the restaurant Mamie Taylor.

"Restaurants should not be messy, especially when preparing food, and it is very important that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. There are several issues about keeping things neat and organized that are addressed and solved, but they are constantly – said Ron Oliver, owner of Mamie Taylor , last week after the incident.

Vancouver Coastal Health says the kitchen is still closed.

"We just want everyone to know we've done everything possible to get to the bottom," Phillips said.

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