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The man shot and killed after the conflict with the Edmonton police

The area where the police was involved in the shooting happened near 47A Street and 101st Avenue, Edmonton, on Thursday, January 3, 2019.

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The man wanted for an assault and unlawful detention of a woman in the Gold Bar apartment was shot dead Wednesday evening at Edmonton Police Station, and another deadly police officer involved in the shooting in just over a week.

Police reacted to residency near street 47 and avenue 101A in Gold Bar neighborhood just after 21 o'clock. – the same home where a woman allegedly was attacked for several days – when a 26-year-old man left the residence, facing the police before police officers opened fire.

The police gave first aid until EMS arrived, but a man died at the scene.

A man was searched for five guilts after an earlier report that a 28-year-old woman was attacked in the same home, the police said.

The police arrived home about 14:30 for the first time. and found the injured woman promptly ordering a man's arrest on the basis of two counts of indictments for causing bodily injury, intimidation, threats and unlawful detention.

The police went, but they called them home Wednesday afternoon when the man came back.

The woman and the man were known to each other, police said in a statement early on Thursday morning.

One resident living in the complex said Rivervalley Townhomes were generally quiet, which is why many young families decided to live there.

On Thursday morning there was little indication of night events, except for some police tape that was hanging from the lamp on the back of the apartment and bloody snow on the eastern side of the complex.

In this case there were no injured policemen.

The Alberta Accident Response Team (ASIRT), a police guard in the province, took over the shootings.

Footprints and blood on street 47 and avenue 101A in a gold bar where police killed a 26-year-old man. David Bloom / Postmedia

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Shooting a boxing day

Death followed a police shootout at Boxing Day when police officers killed a man near 71 and 79 Avenue in King Edward Park after he was allegedly shot from the gun at the police after "high risk of being arrested".

Buck Evans was wanted for extraordinary orders and was considered to be "armed and dangerous" at the time of arrest, ASIRT said.

ASIRT investigators said the 34-year-old fired at the police after defying the officers' orders and refusing to leave the red Chevrolet truck. Multiple officers also fired the weapon.

Evans was taken to the hospital shortly after the shooting but later died.

According to court records, Evans' previous convictions and charges date back to 2003. Recently, Evans were arrested for arrest on November 28 because of possession of the controlled substance and disrespect of his conditional release.

In separate calls in February 2018 and January 2017, Evans got a lifelong ban on firearm possession. He previously had a five-year ban on firearms issued in 2005 and a ban on issuing 10 years issued in 2011.

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