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The man shot at the stocking after turning the knife to the Toronto police

A police officer from Toronto police officer shot a male fowl with "socks" after allegedly attacking more officers with a knife.

Officers who were already "pretty close" responded to the call of witnesses at Sherbourne and Dundas Sts. at 7:47 pm On Wednesday night, a knife person said, Toron Konst police said. David Hopkinson.

Officials in Toronto say a man was shot dead
Officials in Toronto say a man was shot with "socks" after allegedly attacking multiple knife officers at Sherbourne and Dundas Sts. On Wednesday night. (Andrew Lahodynskyj / Toronto Star)

The suspect has suffered injuries that are not life-threatening, but was taken to the trauma center as part of the protocol, said Hopkinson.

"We have classified the so-called" less lethal use of force, "so we have a shotgun armed with round socks," Hopkinson said. "His intention is to disable him, and that's exactly what he did." He was arrested. In such a situation where we use a taser or less deadly rifle, the person is medically examined.

A pistol gun is a common shotgun that is bulked instead of bullets with some kind of ball which causes pain but does not penetrate the body. This is also called a percussion circuit or gun with a bag.

The stocking gun was introduced as part of the changes the Toronto police did after a series of fatal police shootings, including the death of teenager Sammy Yatima.

According to the police, the witnesses allegedly saw a man attacking another. The suspect then produced the knife and began to shoot her with her. He still ran his victim when the police arrived but turned the knife to the cops after they asked him to quit and started running.

"When they came to the scene, they saw that the suspect was still armed with a knife and was still serving the alleged victim," Hopkinson said. The policemen demanded that the male should stop; however, he turned his attention to the officers and started running for them. "

The suspect was killed shortly thereafter.

The use of less deadly force in the form of socks came to Toronto in 2016.

"In the past, we had the tools we use to defend or influence arrest," he said. "We have foxes, we have pepper spray and expandable palettes," Hopkinson said. "What happens when you get to the point where you are dealing with a threat bigger than one that leads to someone who is shot but you want to use less deadly tool?

"With these less lethal options – balls or socks – we have the ability to end a potentially dangerous situation using less than lethal force," Hopkinson said.

The police did not publish a description of the suspect but confirmed that he was in custody.

Hopkinson said the police would host the press conference with details.

Emerald Bensadoun is the news of a journalist working in the Star Room radio room in Toronto. Follow it on Twitter: @twerk_vonnegut

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