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The NDP holds a clutch while Sheila Malcolmson wins Nanaimo

BC NDP retained a place in Nanaimou, and their close running in parliament, winning the election on Wednesday night.

Former representative Sheila Malcolmson won a place with a comfortable margin, with 10,538 votes making up 49.22 percent of votes.

"Obviously, governments do not usually get the elections," Prime Minister John Horgan told the crowd, pointing out the historic trend that regularly leads to the election of opposition parties.

"But with Sheil's caliber candidate and the hard work of people in this room and around the city, we have returned to New Democracy in Nanaimo, the project continues, the government is on its way."

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"We have a lot of work. We build affordable housing units, extend our care of children. We get an emergency center for primary health care, more doctors for people, "said Malcolmson.

"We stand and protect the shore, defend ourselves from the risk of spreading the tanker. We protect against oil spills and protect our jobs.

"We will ensure that prosperity is shared. We have the strongest job records, we currently have the strongest economy in the country, but we have to make sure everyone shares it, that's our main directive. "

Malcolmson came to the top of BC Liberal candidate Tony Harris, who managed to win 8,665 votes out of 40.47 percent of votes.

Harris said he was in peace with that decision and will continue to fight for Nanaima's interests.

"I went into this race because I wanted to make sure that this election was for Nanaimo, and the other parties made it a provincial issue, and I was focused on holding a Nanaimo campaign that raised the profile of our city. We talked about aspirational ideas in the future, whether it was healthcare or a university or port, "he said.

Green condemned NDP's "campaign of fear" as if the party's vote in the party collapsed since the 2017 election

"These are the things we have to fight."

Despite this, despite the failure to win the mandate, Wednesday's result was an improvement for the Liberals compared to the 2017 election, when they managed to win only 32.5 percent of the votes.

BC Greens ended up with just seven percent of the vote, which is a big disappointment for a party who hoped to fight as a race equal.

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The selection is most expected in B.C. history for the role of the provincial government.

By winning seats, the NDP now has 41 seats in the provincial parliament. It is expected that the government, with the support of Green Power, will continue to submit proposals of trust and law.

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Leonard Krog from NDP had previously headquarters. Krog came down after winning the race for mayor of Nanaimaa in October.

Malcolmson said that the message he heard at the door was that voters were content with what the NDP government was doing, especially when it comes to availability and investment in health care.

"People are focused here on local issues," said Malcolmson.

"I am very focused on what the NDP has done provincially.

"At home, people are worried about bread and butter problems. People have a lot of stories about being badly treated by the elders, overcrowding, people getting stuck in emergency rooms, and we've been able to separate them. "

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One of the other factors in selecting and publishing the Plecas report.

The BC Liberals were more closely tied to the NDP scandal due to the mention in the Plecas report that Craig James conducted with high-profile liberals.

"The more we learn about the culture of realization under the Liberals, the more I hear from people how disgusting they are," said Malcolmson.

Malcolmson will officially be postponed as MLA after confirming election results.

It is expected that she will be in the legislative body when reading the speech from the throne on February 12th.

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