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The new PS4 game now sells in the US for PS Plus members

At the top of the PS Essentials sales, the new PS4 games have been live on the US PlayStation Store. From now until February 5, Sony holds PS Plus Specials, offering discounts on a range of PSVR-compatible games – only for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Capcom's hated horoscope game, Resident Evil 7, is one of many titles for sale this week. The standard edition is available for $ 15, while the Gold Edition – which includes all DLC games – $ 25. DLC can also be selected individually with the discount; Forbidden Images Vol. 1 is $ 5, forbidden footage Vol. 2 is $ 7.49, and Zoe's $ 9.

In addition, the Dark Souls programmer from the software experimental VR game, Deracine, is $ 27. VR version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dropped to $ 36 while Ubisoft's failed Transference $ 17.49. You can also get Down Down Prediction, The Inpatient for $ 12, and spin-off rail shooter to Dawn: Rush of Blood is $ 4.49.

Some other significant deals include Batman: Arkham VR for $ 12, Astro Bot: Salvage Mission $ 32, Creed: Rise to Glory for $ 21, Psychonauts in Rhombus for $ 4, Race the Sun for $ 3, and Sprint Vector for $ 21 Below you can find other good deals, while the entire list is available on the PlayStation Store.

Sales of PS Plus Specials and PS Essentials should end on February 5, so you will be able to make use of these offers until then. While PS Essentials sales are open to all, PS Plus members will take an extra percentage of each item so you can take advantage of some of the biggest games in 2018 as God of War and Battlefield V at a reasonable price.

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