Tuesday , May 18 2021

The passengers are returning to the collapse of the Ottawa bus

People re-drive buses through the Westboro transit station in Ottawa after a fatal accident that took place during a day trip on Friday afternoon.

Three more unknown people were killed when, for unknown reasons, Route 269's two-story bus hit the station shelter as it moved west from the city center at around 15:50.

The accident has injured 23 people, many of whom are serious.

The cause is under investigation.

Transitway in Ottawa is reopened as well as Scott Street, which runs parallel to Transitway and took bus traffic during a temporary shutdown.

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, Transport Canada officials investigated the location where the OC Transpo double-deck bus hit a shelter at the start of the afternoon snack Friday at Westboro Station in Ottawa. (Justin Tang / Canadian Press)

The city fleet of two-seater buses is still in service.

The leader of OC Transpo believes they are safe in response to the concerns of some drivers who remember the deadly 2013 crash involving another two-way bus and Via Rail train.

Meanwhile, Chief Health Officer Ottawa says people should pay attention to their mental health in days and weeks after falling on Friday, and the city has resources to help all who struggle with their feelings.

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