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The Premier League winners and losers


Rafael Benitez
Not every manager should see the title manager challenge as their call. Just as Sam Allardyce misjudged his ability when talking about winning doubles with Real or Inter, nor did Rafael Benitez fit the top of the league. He failed in Real Madrid, fought in Inter and even his greatest achievement as Liverpool's manager was secured as an underdog. Instead, Benitez is at its best when he can take a club of happiness, bring fanatical support to his vision and make the club far superior to his constituent parts.

Below North Angel there is a photograph of Benitez, which is a suitable pose. For Newcastle United fans, Benitez took over that role. When there is nothing else to believe, he has their back. In that sense, Benitez is a very old school manager. If he or she regularly conflicts with the owners and is just happy to play a political game, this is because it is such a passion for those who support it to have a strong negotiating position.

Benitez is far from perfect manager – who is it? – but it's a little better to organize defense to make the opposition stand tall. Late on Tuesday night, left Pep Guardiola admitted that his team at Manchester City could not handle Newcastle's bonds. These midwives signed 1.5 million pounds (Isaac Hayden) and graduated from the academy (Sean Longstaff).

At the age of hot taking, many will accuse Benitez for parking the buses. But that's not exactly true. Benitez's plan is to condemn opposition to position discipline and defensive unity. The attack plan is to be very effective and take advantage of all the opportunities offered to them. It was good enough to win Manchester City, and Newcastle also beat Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham under Benitez.

Maybe it's enough to keep Newcastle's heads above the water. Last season, Benitez took 14 points out of the first 18 games and took advantage of a silent schedule without any cup distractions to bring Newcastle to the second half in the second half. Newcastle won 13 points in the first 16 games this season and took 11 out of eight games since Huddersfield and Burnley were the next two visitors to St. Park. James. It's happening again.

He only hopes that the Newcastle United hierarchy will finally see what the supporters already understand: they are happy to have it. If he can win Manchester City with a starting XI that costs 40 million pounds, imagine what he could do with a bit more faith.

Before Wednesday, Bournemouth has played nine league games in the last 364 days against the Big Six team. Their results in these games? Nine equal defeats, he scored five times and received incredible 29. That's the way to end the routine.

David Brooks
It is very likely the season player among Premier League vacations. It is certainly a safe season. If a black mark on Eddie Howe's resume dropped his market share, signing Brook for £ 15m was majestic.

Sean Longstaff
The triumph of Newcastle against Manchester City was a team effort, but heck Longstaff deserves some praise. He had never started the Premier League match three weeks ago but was excellent against Chelsea (2: 1 defeat) and victory over Cardiff and City.

On Tuesday, Longstaff treated so well with Kevin de Bruyne and David Silva that Guardiola admitted he had no answers. Just another English kid who impresses with the opportunity.

Aleksandar Mitrović and Fulham
Mitrović is a football player who is involved in gambling. You never know what you will get, but you choose it every week in the hope that you will get six. In a club that is higher in the league, where reliability and consistency are all, Mitrović would upset his manager.

But football with dice can be the only thing that saves Fulham. The great plan of Claudia Ranieri was to make his team safer in the back, but inevitably lose part of his potential abilities. In the defeat of Arsenal, Burnley and Tottenham in January, Ranieri learned that Fulham was so weak in defense that they would not stop them in receiving the goals.

Why not throw dice, throw players ahead and hope the attack will click? If it does not work, Fulham will be in pairs and three and will occasionally lose it. But if it does, and Mitrović gets support for what he wants, Fulham can take enough points to save. They surely had too much for Brighton, who were confused by an opponent who jumped forward.

For us neutral, the Fulham game in the state of the famous chaos promises to be a wonderful clock. This is a risky strategy, but what choice do they have?

Tottenham, he still finds a way
Last week, UEFA released a report containing the salary bills of the largest European clubs. In this report it was revealed that Tottenham has a wage bill of up to 44% in Manchester City and only 15m euros more than Crystal Palace.

We put that in a different way: you could double your Tottenhama salary and you could buy seven new players at 100,000 pounds a week, and Spurs would still have a lower salary.

Mauricio Pochettino is not perfect, but he deserves to sit above the worst critiques some still throw on him. If his lack of desire to win the FA Cup or the EFL Cup is disappointing a few, you can see his point. Moving to a new stadium is of vital importance for Tottenham to have football in the Champions League next season. That must be a priority.

With all the concern over Tottenham's thin division, Pochettino has somehow managed to keep his head over water, They are seven points away from the fourth, two points behind Manchester City, and on Saturday, lunch time could be temporary for four points from the top of the Premier League.

It can only be included as a winner after the lead extension at the top during this mid-week program, but Jurgen Klopp will wake up on Thursday morning with regret complaining of his good spirits. Generosity is not recommended during the title sprint and Liverpool has missed the opportunity to take full control.

It is a disastrous state, but now it's more than a month since the Klopp's team won the game with any kind of comfort. Faith will be tested. The lives will be destroyed. Repeat for me, one point.

Eleven points in the last five league games, took 14 in the previous 24 hours. Sean Dyche was supposed to find a way to stop the trimming and pull Burnley out of trouble. Tom Heaton seems to have succeeded.

Raul Jimenez
Jimenez is an interesting center forward, one that can miss a chance for a gilded blade for a minute and then do something wonderful in the next. But while you run the line as a lonely center ahead is not easy in your first season in English football, the Mexican deserves plenty of credit. Only 12 players in the league contributed more goals and assists, and a few strikers made more goals than his five. It is time for this loan to become permanent.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette
For everything that is still not fixed in this long-term Arsenal renewal, Unai Emery has potentially world-class classes. Aubameyang and Lacazette have 33 goals and assists between them in the Premier League itself.

"I think we've made a lot of races, a lot of effort for that team, we've done a lot, and of course we are happy to play together because we have such a good feeling among us. It was great, "Aubameyang said after both pairs had scored against Cardiff.

"Why not [can’t we play together]? Sincerely, I hope because when you have an attacker like Alex near you, then it's really good to play. I hope we will play more games together. "

Let it be so, Unai. These two can cover a multitude of sins. As for the Arsenal fans who criticize Aubameyang for lack of chance despite having scored 25 goals in 37 Premier League games, consider it. It's not a computer game – perfection is not possible.

Marco Silva
God, that was necessary, with all the guts and grinding after Lucas Digne was released. Before Tuesday, Everton lost the last three guest appearances for Brighton, Southampton and Millwall. Their guest scores in all Silva competitions: P12 W2, D3, L7. They kept a clean plate.

Now Silva and Everton are back in eighth place. The following are opponents of Watford, Cardiff, Newcastle, West Ham and Fulham. Improvement must be maintained.

Leicester's magnificent stupidity
The worst kind of team for the weekly column, the one that varies between excellence against higher ranked teams and the chaotic mess against those who could reasonably expect. Stupid idiots.


Maurizio Sarri
In 2016, Antonio Conte read the act of messing up with his Chelsea players after a painful defeat by Arsenal. Then the new Italian manager Chelsea was under great pressure so early in his reign. Conte's sharp words prompted a recovery in Chelsea's form that took them to the Premier League title.

In 2019, Sarri read the rebellion action against his Chelsea players after a painful defeat by Arsenal. Then the new Italian manager Chelsea was under great pressure so early in his reign. Serious string words triggered the immediate reaction. Chelsea lost its next leg of Bournemouth with 4-0.

We will not stop: it was humiliating defeat, Chelsea was the worst in 23 years in the hands of managers who might have considered Chelsea's job in alternative reality. There is a lack of penetration into Chelsea's possession, the stupor of thousands of side passes. If Eden Hazard does not produce miracles, Chelsea does not win. Equation becomes so simple.

The lack of spark firing has an adverse effect, as it forces Chelsea to come back full. This is allowed in the 3-4-3 formation, but with two-line central defense you risk being left exposed. Howe said after the game that this was the exact plan for Bournemouth. Hold it firmly in the center of the field, allow Chelsea to move forward through frustration, then pick them up.

After the match Sarri re-released the players, holding their players in the dressing-room for 45 minutes with the staff members who were asked to stay out. Sarri told the media that he was saying that his players did not even learn the basics of his football and that he had made a less impressive start to Higuain.

If that is true, it will be a testament to Chelsea's long-term project after years of successful short-term. This club was launched between the winters and wealth season, but never ended out of the first four in the consecutive seasons owned by Rama Abramovich. Right there they are right now.

Manchester City, and she's dead
It seems to be a bit ridiculous, given that Manchester City has won the last six matches with a total score of 28-0, but this slowdown in performance really starts to spell Pepa Guardiola.

Against Huddersfield, when City eventually won 3-0, the city soon reached, and then had a 30-minute period in which they were unquenchably untroubled. The breaks were deferred, the players misbehaved the ball, their chances were caught. Guardiola was happy to admit that he was very upset about it, causing half a time.

On Tuesday, the message has not passed. Manchester City scored a goal after 25 seconds and had to extend the lead in the first half. But as the second goal went missing, Manchester City increased the turmoil. Guardiola will consider his team is particularly unhappy to have both sides beat Newcastle on a goal, but this should not be over.

There are two theories about undermining the performance of the game in the middle of the game. The first is that the City was disturbed by regularly changing teams due to club injuries this season, combined with the anger of self-indulgence that was impossible to defend after taking the lead against the inferior team, caused a fall.

Another explanation is that the City suffered such omissions during Guardiola's rule and even before, but that their effect was neutralized by the moments of magic commonly produced by Sergio Aguero or Kevin de Bruyne. Evidence supporting the point lies in the number of points City won in the last minutes of league matches last season. And yes, I criticize a team who has earned 100 points.

Gonzalo Higuain
Records – 0
Shooting on the target – 0
Created chances – 0
Headers Won – 0

Chelsea fans screamed for Higuain for 62 minutes, but it was no surprise. It looks hard, looks lethargic and has to learn at work in the new team, the new league and the new country at the age of 31. It's not a good start.

Manchester United
The first erroneous step in the rule of Ole Gunnar Solstice
, but that was not why Manchester United fan in your life was sour on Wednesday morning. Liverpool never had a lower price to win the Premier League title as it is now. The enemy is climbing the royal dove, and the ladder may not have enough fat to lose it.

Cardiff City
Really a terrific week. Football should not be important in the context of the tragic death of Emiliana Sale, but of course there is. Football is our flight from the toughness of life, and Cardiff City supporters have traveled to the Emirates to pay tribute to Sali. The club and their supporters flawlessly wore a tragedy.

But sport continues and gives little room. If they are expected to defeat Arsenal on Tuesday, Fulham, Newcastle, Burnley and Southampton / Crystal Palace will pick up ten points between them. Neil Warnock's team is deeply in trouble.

Suddenly in a little trouble after the magnificent first half of the season. Since the beating of Crystal Palace in the derby on December 4, Brighton won five points out of nine games. Now there are only eight points ahead of Cardiff in the 18th place. The next five home games (Watford, Burnley, Huddersfield, Cardiff and Southampton) should see Brighton pull back. But take seven or fewer points, and the nerves may still ring in April and May.

Entering Liverpool
First hits the first man. The second overthrow. The third is short, probably because of the avoidance of loss. The fourth again hits the first man. I've seen Liverpool live seven times this season and each game contains badly delivered parts to make you angry at a team you do not support. Probably the Liverpool coach could have put corners and free kick.

West Ham's magnificent stupidity
The worst kind of team for the weekly column, the one that varies between excellence against higher ranked teams and the chaotic mess against those who could reasonably expect. Stupid idiots.

Daniel Storey

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