Monday , March 1 2021

The Vancouver Aquarium now has an octopus called Seth Rogen

Hey Vancouver, it's Ceph.

No, not a Hollywood star born in Vancouver, who became a city social media electoral member last year, but a headache living in Vancouver Aquarium.

Ceph Rogen? The Vancouver Aquarium octopus can be named by a local actor

The facility announced on Friday that its latest Giant Pacific octopus will be named Ceph Rogen, after which the moniker won another possible name for Octavia creatures in an online poll of more than 90 percent of the vote.

Seth Rogen, the actor for which the octopus was sounding, went to Twitter to celebrate.

Ceph Rogen collected the Vancouver Aquarium in September for the facility's "head-to-head" program.

One year old woman replaces the previous Giant Pacific octopus that was released in March. And she will return to the waters that came around Bowen Island, according to Christine Martinello, auxiliary curator of the Vancouver Aquarium fish.

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"We launched a program to release our octopus from the water they came from, so we will eventually release this sex maturity so we can return and reproduce in the wild," she said.

It is believed that the giant Pacific octopus, which can grow to six feet in length, is one of the largest and longest octopus species in the world, according to Vancouver Aquarium.

Domestic animals can change the texture and color of the skin and can be squeezed sufficiently small to pass through any area larger than the beak.

They are also a hot show of visitors to the aquarium.

"The octopus has always been one of the things that attract people to the aquarium, and now, with the appointment, it will be very popular," said Martinello.

The contest wins a big year capsule for Rogen as the Vancouver icon.

"I thought it was funny," Seth Rogen says as Vancouver's voice

Between July and October, Point Gray's secondary graduate became ubiquitous as the "guest voice" of Vancouver Transit.

This concert, which Rogen agreed to do for free, was also the product of social media interaction – when the local rapporteur suggested that TransLink approached a comedic voice announcement after releasing Morgan Freeman for allegations of sexual harassment.

Rogen said he sent comedic PSAs on the transitional label for his love for his hometown and because he considers it a regular transit user.

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