Tuesday , May 18 2021

Tiffany Haddish confirms that it has paved the disastrous NYE ​​Miami Standup Show: "That this has happened"

Per Aynslee Darmon.

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New Year's Eve Tiffany Haddisha did not go as planned.

The comedian, 39, performed for a crowded audience at James L. Knight Center in Miami, but when some of her jokes did not collapse, the fans started to go out.

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In video captured TMZ, the actress "Nightclub" admitted that the performance was not good. In fact, at one point she said, "This is strange for me, this will be on TMZ Or whatever. "

Haddish had tried a few joke about his family, but they did not fly. She mentioned her mother, who just left the mental hospital, and her sister, who she claims to always look for money.

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"F ** k it," she said a bunch, obviously forgetting what she was planning to talk on the stage. "I really wanted to talk about some things and I can not remember any of them." In the end Haddish broke out the bottle of Ciroca and started drinking with the audience.

Watch the video here.

Following the news of its catastrophic performance, Haddish confirmed on Twitter that he had bombed, acknowledging: "I wish it was better in Miami." However, he adds, "I prayed for it and I have a strong feeling that it will never happen again."

One person who had compassion with Haddish was Chrissy Teigen. "Last night I was bombarded and all I had to do was read the accelerator, and I lost my eyeballs," Teigen wrote to the New Year. "F ** k, we [are] well, and you're the queen. "



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